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Whether your head is full of ideas, if you had the capital,would you be able to make each of these ideas become a reality,to enjoy your life, not as 3 billion people, to work from 9 to 5 every single day ,and at the end of the month, you have to give up some things again to cover the bills..BOR.jpg

Ever wonder how those rich people got there in the first place ? Well for start , they didn't sleep for the whole afternoon , they were working , realy hard , and counted every penny , they calculated how much can they save in a certain time , and where can they invest that money , to get as much profit as they can , in short period of time , and they didn't spend that profit , they reinvested it over ,and over again...

One makes two, two makes four, when you made eight, stash up four.

But what this have to do with Crowdfunding?

Many people give up on the start , because its a realy though point.
When you want to drive a car with a manual transmission at first gear, should you immediately release the clutch?


You have to keep calm , and go steady , otherwise , you'll be brought back on start.

As Napolean Hill said

The starting point of all achievement is desire.
You can't get anywhere on your own.

But if you have a community that is supporting you , you can see where your error is , and you will have help.

That's why Steemit is made , to help each other , its not just another growing crypto , its a fast growing community, that rewards interfere in it...

How should we crowdfund on Steemit ?

Well , for start , realize you project / business with a pen and paper , what do you want to solve , how do you want to do it , explain everything to yourself first , make sure its clear , and it is easy to understand , make sure to get answers to all those tiny question , literaly make yourself a white paper, and then you can start making moves toward community.

Should i make a website ?

Absolutely, but that is the least of your problem, the first thing as i said you need to worry about is community.


Exactly , you need to hit it right in the center, it will help you realize your problems , and will make sure to fix it , its a foundation to any successful business/ project , your only main thing to know is do not be afraid to seek help , maybe you have an answer right infront of you , but you are looking on the other side , or you are just too blind to see it.

Two weeks ago , on my birthday , my father told me and my friends that you can't do anything alone , and after thinking about it , anyone who made his world by himself , is now selfish , and do not want to help anyother , i understand those people , because they worked allot for that , all by themself , and when they seeked help , no one would be there, and thats why those people get maried too late in their life...

So , keep the community updated on what sections are you working , how can someone help , get in touch with some people , use a regular post to keep updates , after you create your website , link all of the posts on the website , so its public to anyone outside steemit , the more people help you , the more funds you will generate , the bigger community will be that is backing your idea...

Don't be afraid to face the challenge

Thank you for reading this post , honestly i get business ideas every day , and if i posted and documented every one of them , there will be too much of them on steemit.
If you have any questions , or planing some idea , please comment bellow , i will be more than glad to help you solve some problems...

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