The importance of mobile in our daily life is immense.

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The first handheld mobile phone was shown by John F. Mitchell in 1 and Martin Cooper on the Motorola. 2 kg (4.4 lbs) In 1979, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) launched the world's first cellular network in JapanIn 1983, the Dynatack 8000x was the first commercially handheld mobile phone.From 1983 to 2014, mobile phone subscriptions worldwide increased by more than seven billion - one that could provide one for every person in the world In the first quarter of the world, the top smartphone developers were Samsung, Apple and Huawei, and smartphone sales totaled mobile phone salesof 78 percent presented.Just as a smartphone benefits us, it has some advantages.

Benefits: We work with each other, playing games, talking to video calls, listening to music, mailing, exchanging information, watching the news, etc. If we get lost somewhere we can see the location and reach the right placeThrough it, we also earn money. There are many benefits to education and official work.

Disadvantages: Along with the use it also harms us. Excessive phone calls can cause headaches, nausea, eye problems, etc. Children are addicted to itMoreover, many are involved in corruption. That is why we should not use the phone unnecessarily.


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Yes phone is very importance of us.

Every people like to mobile phone.

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