Poor her was a fool.

in blog •  5 months ago

They say she's crazy.
His words say nothing any more
your pain damage quite a bit
poor her was a fool.

Illusions of a false love does not want to live
Can she be able to fall in love again?
And where is he?
being happy in another skin
talking about love to another fool.

Who kisses her mouth of tender welcome
and bitter farewell, damaging adventurer
will continue to pretend that everything is normal
as I would like it to be different
I hope you're happy and remember me well
when it hurts too.

Who would think that in your arms would fall surrendered
I didn't know, I didn't know, I wasn't afraid of it.
the love I gave you wasn't enough
You didn't stay. I brought my heart.
but I crawl the tide with everything and feelings
I hope... I hope, when you're happy.
if you feel the forgetfulness you remember me...
and also your heart aches, I hope...

The texts, the story and the images where the contrary is not specified, are of my property.


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