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Legal Disclaimer and Terms Of Use:

I am not an investment adviser. I am not offering any recommendation to buy or sell any commodity or security. The Golden Forecast Indicator appears to be a highly useful forecasting tool – much like the morning weather report is for your daily plans. The “Golden Forecast Indicator” is offered as a informational and educational product regarding current market conditions. There is no warranty implied or expressed regarding the usefulness, availability or the profitability of the information provided. Work in progress: Author reserves the right to modify indicator code without notice. Any such modifications will be made to improve indicator stability and results. Use or application of the information supplied is solely at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you consult with a professional investment adviser for trading advice and methodology. Feel free to share or resteem this post, but please don't copy the graphics for republication or repost as a new post without the author's permission. All charts are created by the author of this post. Copyright 2018 to the extent allowed by Steemit user agreement.

Consider this as the “weather report” for your favorite crypto-currency.

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