Google needs to be regulated and broken up as a monopoly! NOW!

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It is time.... We have to call for our legislation to regulate and possibly breakup Google!

I know my words fall on deaf ears but I needed to voice my concern on the matter.

I have felt this way for a while but have stayed silent due to the classic "well, they haven't come for me attitude" but now they came for me.... /sigh

They will come for you too... They really will.

Watch the podcast with Joe Rogan and the Twitter people.

They literally do not understand! They can't accommodate the world law and ignore US law... We will have to do something about this mentality. and soon...

Facebook and Twitter aren't acting much better, but Google is being absolutely the worst in regard to their YouTube policies and such.

They can effectively remove a citizens right to public discourse...

In my case they effectively shutdown a possibly competing technology or competitor. as silly as that may be lol...

This poll is from 2017, I'm curious whee the numbers stand now in 2019???

This is why it really sucks that sites like Steemit got basically murdered last year in the cryptowinter. I suspect they are connected and controlled on that level, regarding censorship and cryptowinter...

Seriously, How do we get our representatives on the ball with this one... Until it happens to you, you probably won't get it though...

Here's a recording with youtube support :D

and my last post

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Sorry to hear that man. That really sucks. Looks like we're all going down the tubes and it seems like there's no one with clout is prepared or willing to help.


I agree censorship is out of hand, but these are privately owned platforms.
I am sure publically owned ones would be worse.
Block chains being distributed are the future.However, governments will try to control them.

I am sorry to hear you got blocked on youtube, but instesd of fighting it, just broadcast on a platform worthy of your content.

You can and have found a better platform. Also there are so many alternatives.

I don't like google but out of all the reasons for breaking them up, banning controversial stuff on youtube is one of the lesser concerns.

We will just have dozens of video platforms to get banned from instead of one or two. Also where to go for a large reach?

I am more worried about their search engines amd ad manipulations than youtube.

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That's the dumbest solution I have ever heard someone offer me.... You realize not only can I not broadcast on youtube, I can't watch commercial free with the premium membership I pay for and I can not comment anymore.... EVER AGAIN! 4 LIFE! And you come in here telling me to just go somewhere else. That's like telling someone they can't go out in public at daytime anymore so just go out at night..... Sorry, not attacking you, but this is the problem! Until it happens to YOU!!! Your response is the typical sheep response.... Wait til you piss of the wrong person.... That can make a phone call...


also, what you said about them being private companies is WHY we NEED regulation lol... because they are acting as virtual public spaces...


I will agree to disagree on the right to use their virtual public spaces. The Internet is vast and options many.

Obviously it sucks to get booted off their revenue streams, but the paying advertisers are clear on what they will support or not. You should create a new account or try to get unbanned and maybe save more controverisal content for elsewhere.
Google should clearky post their rukes and follow them. This is same for every everyone. I agree their size needs attention attention here.
Google needs to be regulated to avoid expressing their corporate and political opinions and bias as if it is news or fact. Thee reach is too large.

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that would be true if my channel was monetized... but you are also very wrong once a site becomes a place for public discourse it can not be considered not that....