Ronaldo can reach De Stefano's five-title win?

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In the European Cup (previous edition of the Champions League), from 1956 to 1960, Real Madrid scored five consecutive wins in five years, Alfred de Stefano Ronaldo has the opportunity to reach the final of this late Argentine today. The Portuguese star has won four titles so far so far.


At the start of the season, Spain could not do well in domestic football. That is the score of the goals scored in the Champions League! Cristiano Ronaldo has got the most benefit of this flurry, Real Madrid. Opportunity to win the third title in the Champions League now in front of the Spanish club. Ronaldo will be able to take advantage of Real's opportunity to win the club's legendary achievement.
Alfred de Stefano In the 1950s, one of the best footballers in the world. Real at the European Cup (previous edition of the Champions League) won the title. Between 1956 and 1960, the five-year winning streak of five titles in the five years was a great role in De Stefano. Ronaldo has the opportunity to touch the late Argentine today. The Portuguese star has won four titles so far in the Champions League.
Ronaldo won the title for Manchester United in 2008. After winning the next year's riyal, three titles. But the record for the highest number of trophies won by Euroscorea, but not De Stefano. The tournament won five titles in the four-D Stefano, Hector Real, Alessandro Costakurta and Paolo Maldini. Real Madrid legend Paolo Jentto won the top six titles.
Ronaldo is already in possession of the record for the most number of goals scored in the Champions League edition. Real star has scored three goals in the final. If you can target today, four will increase the record. In the European Cup history, De Stefano has a record of five goals in the final. However, Ronaldo can go on a page in the record book, everyone can. Ronaldo will make his debut as a first player to win the Champions League final in Kiev final.
But at the beginning of the season, Ronaldo criticism has not been criticized! La Liga scored just 4 goals in the first half. According to many, this is the main reason for losing the Real Madrid League title to Barcelona. But the legends know only about revolting. Ronaldo did this by showing him on the platform of Eurasarsa. Ronaldo, when he plays against Liverpool in Kiev, is 15 goals in 12 matches - the highest goalscorer in this season, Ronaldo is the highest scorer in the last four seasons!
Ronaldo scored the record for all the matches in the Champions League group stage as the first player. Then the last sixteenth and quarter-finals saw the face of the goal. Ronaldo's record of 10 goals in a season has also been captured by Ronaldo. But his achievements will not be able to win in the final if he can not win the final. And Real Coach Zinedine Zidane has said that Ronaldo has the tendency to win the team in such a match, "he will be 150 percent fit, but there is no problem with 149 percent." He is alive to play such a match. '

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