How big is the victory of winning three titles in Real?

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Real Madrid have won three consecutive titles as the first team in the Champions League. Real Madrid In all, the Spanish champions won 13 titles in this tournament. There is no one around Real Madrid on the Eurasarsa stage
Franz Beckenbauer reminds Sergio Ramos
No, not in the field game, but to achieve. Bayern Munich (1974-76) won the last three titles last night before the European Cup or Champions League. The captain of the Bayern team was named 'Kaiser', known as Bekenbawar. Real Madrid captain Ramos. Surely the match between the two have been able to catch?
In the last 42 years, no captain has ever been able to touch the fate of Beckenbauer until Ramos raised the Champions League title last night. The captain can not win the Champions Trophy in three Champions League titles. Just as it is for real Madrid. The European club's achievement on the stage of Eurasarsa can not be touched by any club hand.
Not just ohms, it's just the statistical testimony. Although the 13-number we know of so long as 'Unlucky Thirteen', the realm can name the same number as 'thirteen heaven'. Why?
Statistics do not have to be scaled, now everyone knows that there are no 13 championships in the European Cup and Champions League. The nearest team is AC Milan, behind the six-title gap. If not satisfied with this, there are no other two statistic-winning European titles, and there is no record for any other club, which is Real, which is Real.
That is also the first European tournament in the European Cup. Many of the new generation can shorten five consecutive winning titles in the 1950s. The European Cup at the time was not so much like the Champions League nowadays. Many people do not want to emphasize that record by mentioning the number of soccer or participating teams of the era. The answer for them might be a statistical-European Cup win, but if you exclude the six titles, then the Champions League will not be able to top one.
Seven-time champion Milan will be next to European and Champions League teams. Eli is at the top, excluding Milan's four European Cups. Just what? The only club to have Europeans in football and basketball is Real, and this season! Juventus, Chelsea could not win the Champions League three times. Even Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester United could not win two championships in the Champions League. There are three consecutive titles to win? Not the talk!
From 1956 to 1960, after winning the Real Championship in this five seasons, only five teams reached the final three times - Benfica, Ayax and Bayern in the European Cup. Milan and Juventus in the Champions League edition In between, Ayax and Bayern won the European Cup three times in the final. Benfica has won twice In the Champions League edition, Milan and Juventus reached the final three times, but once they won the title.


Seven-time champion Milan will be next to European and Champions League teams

big achievement

this is what the power of Real Madrid

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