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I had a busy day yesterday. I might buy a rental property though and go into the rental business.


The dust vote thing is also making things challenging for me.


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Maybe should have bought a few years ago?

Now seems like a good time. I think I have my ducks in a row now.

  ·  17 days ago (edited)

If you do just make sure the place already has good tenants in place otherwise by the time you find one and close you'll be to close to the holiday season. Unless you are lucky enough to find people who just got married or have a proven track records of renting somewhere else and their lease expired your pick of good tenants is going to be slim as most the kinds of people you want to attract don't tend to move around during the holiday season, it's too much of an added burden with the cost of the holidays and you never want Jan, Feb, March to be your least expiration dates either as most people moving around during those times are one's being evicted from the overburdened expense of trying to keep up with bills, holidays becoming over extended losing their other words the same thing could propel them to do that to you. The best months for ending a least is April/May, hopefully with the aim to have them out at the end of either of those months, May being best as it will be warm enough you won't have to have the gas put in your name sparing you an additional expense. This gives you June to get the place in order and for showing, the average stay is two years for most people so you offer a first year least at ten months bringing you back in line with your April/May goal, you just tell them this works to their benefit and yours if things don't work out and if they do work out they'll be able to sign onto a twelve month lease then. If you want some other helpful hints to take into consideration let me know...been doing this twenty nine years.

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