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Have you ever thought of complementing or appreciating a person?

Complementing or appreciating some one makes the person to feel great, in life all people like to be appreciated after doing some thing good. This practice acts is oftenly done by some people who care or wish others good.Receiving a sincere compliment can have a strong or huge impact onto ones life.

The message can be a surprise to some one, so touching and can also make one to advance in their career.And the most powerful and strong complement should communicate the message that one wants to deliver.

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This should also apply on steemit, in-case you read through some ones post and it has impressed you, you should always leave a comment or even complement that person for writing such a wonderful post.

I personally do complement people for their nice work on steemit, its really not nice if you just ignore someones post after seeing that it has meaning in it, if all the steamians try and do this, it will encourage others to share good information on the platform.

Complements can seriously change this world that it can breed unity amongst people, and it also uplifts those who think negative of themselves, most people are shy and feel inferior in their communities that they live in, but complements can really change such people and can start to live positive lives.

One psychologist by the names of William James said "The deepest principle in human nature is to be appreciated".

And Poortvliet also explained that “nothing stimulates more and increases productivity and commitment faster than sincere appreciation.” Compliments are part and partial of our communal social life.

Complements also create a positive energy which eases the atmosphere between people and helps them perform better at their places of work.

There are different aspects that you can follow when giving a complement, take a look.

    1- Be sincere, 

In any case your to give a complement to some, the verbal and non verbal actions should all match, the actions or body posture should match with the words that one is saying out to some one.

    2- Be specific,

The type of complement should be specific, like if she is smartly dressed, what specific point makes her smart, saying that one is dressed smartly is general, its sound wired.

Most people on steemit tend to do this mistake oftenly, one can reply on someones post that "Nice" now if your to ask your self whats nice about the post, which specific information makes the post nice? lets check our selves on that.

3- You can also try giving your complement inform of a question.
Like, I love your earrings, where did you get them from? such complement will deserve an answer which will in the end create friendship as well.

Hope you will enjoy my post, and on steemit complementing ones work is part of our mission so i hope to get many replies on this post in return, don't ignore but say something.

This subject is very wide, but i will continue with it next time, just wait for part B of this post. (Complement as our major topic)

I wish you well, but as the title says,"Complement, as a powerful factor in our lives" so if u have read this post, you ought to #complement .

I remain,



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