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Pakistani child Iqbal _ realistic story

Iqbal was sold at the age of 4 years as a slave to the mafia carpet industry in Pakistan, because the people of Iqbal were poor poverty overwhelming, agreed to sell Iqbal factory owner for a very small amount ($ 12) to help equip Farah the eldest son.

The agreement that Iqbal works in the factory until the end of the debt on the family and then back to them again, but the owner of the factory was in his head holds other plans to turn and control things so as to raise the value of debt over the years and thus makes Iqbal in chains bondage forever, for example said that before To start a full year of education, to spend a full year of education, and this year he began to restrict all expenses of his food and housing, etc. Adds increasing benefits over the existing debt and every time tampering with or making any "mistake" is punished with a fine above the debt Thus, after Iqbal began to work, the rate of inflation and unemployment was high The debt on the debt compared to the "salary" received by Iqbal for his work impossible to pay.

The conditions inside the factory were so heinous and overwhelming that, due to malnutrition, only when Iqbal was 12 years old, his body was equivalent to a 6-year-old boy (and the rest of the children in the factory). There were no openings for ventilation. At least 14 hours a day bent on their knees put millions of stitches in the carpet in that suffocating environment completely destructive to their health.

At the age of 10 years, Iqbal learned that the Pakistani government had criminalized the criminal debt system (which he had clothed in bondage without return), but it still continues in a typical way in poor areas like his village. After that, Iqbal managed to escape from his suffocating prison. And to spread awareness and information about children with a similar situation and learns and memorize with great passion. Because of his awareness campaign, thousands of children were freed from their bondage, many underground slavery networks were arrested and those who managed them were assassinated. 12 years) b BP activity in the detection of those networks, died a hero trying to save hundreds of thousands of children from the diabolical fate that imposed on him since his childhood, trying to dispel the curse still continues today ..