I9/I7 Intel, Should you crack on these processors ?

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you are a fan of video games, but your old pc is struggling to turn recent titles.

Maybe it's time to change it, but where do you start?

The first thing is to identify the element that slows down your pc
The graphics card is of course the basis of any evolution for video games, but in some cases other elements can also improve your gamer experience.
The processor, the RAM (quantity and frequency) are all possibilities of evolution towards a more fluid gaming experience.


Limited CPU

I will take a concrete example since it is my own pc configuration.
My graphics card is a 1060 gtx 6go and my processor a very old 1045t phenomenon, with 16g of RAM.
I can play in full HD with most options in the max, but I am limited in fps.
And for some more greedy games, I'm forced to lower some options.

In my case, the transition to a more powerful processor will earn me fps in games, streaming fluidity and huge gains in emulation.
In addition, in the use of program (editing video, photo, etc ..), the processor will be a precious ally for the time and performance.


Intel ou amd ?

No need to go around in circles, intel is clearly superior in games on I9 9900k, i7 9700k, and i7 8700k in front of the 2700x which is the most powerful side amd.
But the price difference between intel and amd is consistent
These last few months have exploded price level, the excuse coming from the fact that he could not produce fast enough given the number of requests.
In fact the problem is a little more complex, and technical.
Intel wanted to burn these processors in 10 minutes to enjoy more space and a gain on temperatures.
But it was a failure and the latter revive the factories in 14 minutes and at the same time raised the prices justifying a demand much higher than the present stock. The demand being superior to the offer.
Amd should offer in 2019 an engraving in 10mn then 7mn with surprises to the key

But back to Christmas and the desire to evolve our dear pc gamer.
The performance of the i7 / i9 although higher still remains too expensive to justify a purchase.
The difference between the 2700x and 8700k for example is on average around 15/25 fps depending on the games.

And the price differences so far are

I9 9900K 580/699€
I7 9700k 450/550€
I7 8700k 460/550€
R7 2700x 330/360€


If you have the means, the i9 9900k will be a plus over all other processors.
If your budget is more limited, so far preferred the 2700x that will do very well and will not disappoint you.
Also think about your frequency and amount of memory.
I went from 8 to 16 GB, which made a difference in games very appreciable.
Another tip, it takes better 2x8 go than 1x16 in dual band, with of course the highest frequencies possible (minimum 3000mhz with games today).

I will soon receive a screen 240hz 1080p 1ms 24p, to enjoy more fps displayable (today limited to 60hz so 60fps).
I'll come back if you want, to tell you about the differences and my experience on it.

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