Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder (Photoset)

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Alex and I decided to drive up Flagstaff Mountain last weekend without a destination in mind. As I was looking through the lens finder, ready to capture the next moment Alex hit the brakes and told me to look to my right. As we were curving around the mountain up the road, there was a heard of deer grazing just off to the right side of the road. Luckily I was in the passenger seat, so I had a good view of them. I tried my best to capture the moment as cars were coming towards us and following behind.




IMG_7077 mine.png

Luckily we both had our cameras with us so as we drove up an unexplored road, we kept saying to each other how we wanted to pull off to the side and explore on foot. Alex saw a sign with a pathway following and he mentioned he recognized the name of it

Sunrise Amphitheater

The sun was getting lower in the sky, and the air was getting colder so we parked and grabbed our coats and cameras. We walked up the path to see what Sunrise Amphiteather looked like at sunset.




Both Flagstaff mountain (above) and the view of Boulder from the amphitheater (below) were just breathtaking. Looking back on this experience I can't help but let a cheesy smile cover my face.




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I was using a fixed 50mm f2.8 lens on my Canon t3i, so I wanted to take some wider shots on my iPhone 6 as well. Here are a few more pictures that were taken with my phone:





I finally was able to convince Alex a few weeks ago to share his incredible photographs with the rest of the community on here. He luckily just received the Steemit email accepting him to the platform him last night! If you want to keep updated to what he has to share, his handle is @alexadventures. I can't wait to see what he shares along with his involvement with such an uplifting community.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of myself and my passions.

Camera photo-camera (1).pngLens icon (1).pngLocation map-location (1).png
Canon Rebel t3i50mm f 2.8Boulder, CO

All images are my own © 2017-2018 MrsLauren

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These are absolutely beautiful. And those deer 🦌. Pinewoods remind me to my native island La Palma but we do not have snow there. I love hiking, Nature is home. Thanks for finding me and point me to your work.


Aww wow! Thank you for recognizing my work!! It means a lot coming from such a talented person as yourself. Nature is so comforting and beautiful, I agree.


Nature has healed me in so many ways... Now I'm fortunate to live close to it, and aw thanks for the compliment.

What a great post! you both remind me of @yidneth and me going on adventures with the cameras out there... We saw three deer yesterday :) Following you and Alex now! :-) Greetings from Spain. Hector.


Ahh another steemit couple!! that's so wonderful <3 Thanks from the comment and follow.

Stunning shots.


Thank you :) Means a lot coming from such a talented photographer like yourself.

realy incredible and impressive photography of mature. thanks for sharing @mrslauren.


Thank you!! I really appriciate you taking the time to look :)

Cool, these are really nice pictures! Upped and Resteemed! I hope I come vor a visit someday soon! It's most probable, as my niece Lauren, moves to Boulder, to get her Master degree.


Thank you!! Boulder is an amazing place to study, hopefully she enjoys it here!


She definitely will. She comes from Texas and did her Bachelor in Austin.

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thanks girl haha


Thank you!!