Cigarettes will cost more then Weed in my country (Croatia)

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Better pack Weed rather then homemade cigarettes if cop examines you.


Minister of Health in Croatia claims that cigarettes and alcohol should be more expensive for minimal 100%. (Pay double get one.)

Croats are pretty much large consumers of cigarettes and alcohol. Other drugs are not used in large percentages, except weed. You can't legally buy weed in Croatia, but you can find it fast and everywhere in country. Capital of Croatia, Zagreb is listed as top smoker population (weed as drug) in first top 10.

Great Britain had similar laws long before, but result is not what they expected. People are NOT healthier, failed to get off smoke, and on and on. But still won't openly tell you, don't eat meat. (If you don't want cancer, bowel disease, prostate cancer, high cholesterol, dementia and many many other diseases).

They are using general moral standards to convince you that abnormal rising prices of cigarettes and alcohol is legit and that will "help" people to get off cigarette. Yes, they will get off "your" cigarettes, but maybe they will try consume something other, maybe weed. Why? Weed is simply healthier then cigarettes. Costs less, you will feel better and hungry. But weed is not legal in Croatia, and all that money will not go to government (directly), they will get something little through other taxations.

Drug harmfulness from Wiki


I personally smoke cigarettes, but more weed then cigarettes. When I smoke weed, I don't have to smoke blank cigarettes rest of the day.

One cigarette contains aprox. 50% real tobacco, 30% old tobacco, 12% paper that is painted in color of tobacco, 8% chemistry and other "magic shit"). This statements are from Wiki for year 2014, today is probably worse.

And yes, "the best thing is", your personal production of tobacco in Croatia is illegal.

If cop checks you up personally, better have weed then illegal homemade cigarettes. For weed you would have to pay misdemeanor punishment money fine, which is about 40$, but for homemade cigarettes you can even get in prison for few years, depends on damage.

I drink, smoke tobacco and weed. I hate alcohol, but it's legal. I smoke cigarettes because I didn't find the "guy". I would consume just weed, because of many factors that I previously wrote. I don't want legalization of weed in my country, you probably know why (because the price is right for me and feel is better).

Our country is pretty much social country. Free market is NOT free as it represents. We have explicit freedom of speech, but implicit we don't have freedom of speech, which results that we DON'T have freedom of speech. When someone says historical facts by their beliefs, government is mixing in your case. They will determine is it freedom of speech or hate speech. Hate speech is NOT freedom of speech, but if hate speech is rightus and true, should be accounted. Hate of speech is a form of political correctness, and political correctness is NOT freedom of speech AT ALL.


Croatia please don't legalize weed, I want to smoke cheaply.

Thank you for reading and support, dear Steemian. Farewell.


Ma mislim da nista od toga, Kujundzic samo laje na mjesec.

Ja se nadam, možda će to samo biti period do kraja turističke sezone. || I hope so, maybe will last to the end of tourist season.

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