Testing#3 creating Steemit post to RSS feed to Zapier then to my Twitter and Facebook (All Automatic)

in blog •  10 months ago

This is somewhat of a test post, but I will let you in on what I am doing. Don't bash me because this isn't supposed to be a full nice with pics post, but a test...that maybe you can learn from. Anyhow, maybe a full pretty right up later if this all works which its seems like it will.

Sending my Steemit post to an RSS feed creator at:


You can see my RSS feed creation page at the link above and just change your "@name" to yours if you want to try this.

Then I click the RSS feed button and get a URL up at the top that is my RSS feed:


This second link is what you can use to put into zapier.com to create a rule. And BAM! I have tested the rule to see if it posts to my twitter account and facebook page and it does.

Zap Screenshot.JPG

What I am not really sure about at this point is if that little RSS feed page actually scans automatically at some interval to pick up new posts. Still more to do on this. If anyone else has any ideas...feel free to comment.

With Streemian gone...I am just trying to figure out other ways to automate :D

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