Thought Of The Day - Discrimination In Surfing

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Is There Really Gender Inequality?

Time for something more local, a few people I know have decided to fire up the old virtue signal on FB.

They are outraged about a surfing competition where there are a men's and women's division and they are outraged that the guy who won got paid more than the girl who won. There was a long string of comments from people who were very "disgusted" with this "inequality" in prize money. The event organizer actually explained that the prize money was calculated in accordance with how many paid entries each division had, so because there was more guys who entered the competition, there was more prize money. Obviously this make sense to me and a lot of you, but to those heroes who fight for group justice and equality no matter what, it didn't so much. Regardless of the explanation the same talking points were brought up, it must be sexism and the narrative of male patriarchy, what ever the fuck that means.

What seems to be completely unfathomable to those offended by this, is the free market. It is not some sexist overlords, old white males who decides this is the ways it is, it comes down to the masses, yes you. The market decides, which of the two is more interesting or more worth watching, as men are biologically and historically far more sports orientated, they are in general more interested in sports, which mean they are more likely to watch sport. Another factor to bear in mind is that men are women are physically and biologically different, men are stronger and faster, and that's not because of some sexist society, that is just fact. It's like the difference between a lion and a cheetah.

"Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." - Milton Friedman

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The free market does not care about the colour of your skin, nor does it care if you are male or female, it only cares about economic value. Take football for example, or soccer for those of you living in America, which is more popular, the men's world cup or the women's world cup, which of the two is watched more? Is Fifa sexist because they pay the men more, or are they paid more because they bring more viewers? It's really not rocket science guys, demanding that people get paid the same that don't bring the same value, is basically removing the concept of free will. The free market caters to the will of the masses and not some sexist narrative by companies in charge. You are the free market and your choices determine who gets paid more.

**"I think the fallacy is to think that Women's Liberation meant that men and women would become interchangeable. That has not happened, and most men and women would not want it to happen." - Christina Hoff Sommers **

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.

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Gender equality should be promoted but who are the people to promote that? The high profile people will never support gender equality..... Going from low profile apart from gender equality, do people really wants us to be equal? Most of the people on top never for once wants people below them to rise especially people from western Africa.... They prefer to have all the money they can't take to grave....
Only God can make all things equal

My first thought is, Why on earth would they put the prize amount on display like that. The surfers knew the rewards would be based on the paid entry fees so it stands to reason that they are happy with the results. If it had turned out there were more women surfers that paid, would we be having this discussion? Most of the people complaining have no idea that it was even a surfing competition at all. They see that number and jump to conclusions and then make statements based on opinions that have nothing to do with the situation. Get informed first. Once you have ALL the information, then you can say something.

You want the unvarnished truth? I'd way rather watch girl surfers than boy surfers. I don't know bumpkis about surfing and I'd way rather look at females than males.

I raced motocross long ago and far away. There were always divisions and the money was split up by division. If I qualified, I could race against the big dogs for a shot at the big prize, or I could race in my normal division with a chance at making a little money. Bastards discriminated against me because I wasn't as good a rider as the big boys. No fair.

Prizes based on entries. Easy to figure. I agree that in either sex events (say huge open tennis) that the prizes should be the same because the spectators are.

They could just run two divisions, either sex. Division A pays 2x what Division B pays. I'm guessing there would be a wailing and gnashing of teeth for that idea, too.