Fed up with online sexual harassment

in #blog3 years ago (edited)

I have been on Twittter commenting on posts (mostly related to cryptocurrency) and when you have your picture online, there are nasty people who make sexual jokes. It happens especially when you have your photo up and you are a female.

1: "(to 2) Do you suggest we hold this coin?"
3: "Hold me"

1: "blahblah"
4: "Finally, a woman who makes sense!"

We still live in a world where people can't respect each other. Of course, it happens very frequently in real life too. I have come to conclusion that it is better not to expose yourself at all. Privacy is important.


You know this whole Bitcoin community is made of typical males aged 25-35. And exposing yourself as a female, you will get a lot of shit(harassment) thrown at you.

After all, everyone is behind their desktop and you know about them internet trolls.

Hope you didn't take much fence to it and continue fighting for what you came here for.

I’m far too old to have problems with sexual harassment, but occasionally get challenged by men threatened at my presence. I’m not sure I’d cover up if I was you, but I guess it depends on your goals. If you want to just participate in conversation unharassed then perhaps it’s a good thing, but if you want to sell an idea to people then being a female gives you an advantage, because you’re a rarity in a male dominated field, you stand out.

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