Where am I now?

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Should we be optimistic about price pump?
I was foolish two years ago and I believed that Steem will hit 15 or 20$ by the end of 2018, and now I feel happy 'cos the price is 0.25...

I used to watch a lot of yt crypto ,so called, 'experts' , their charts, predictions, and back in December 2018, I stumbled upon one very realistic guy, and I blame myself for forgetting his name. In one of his daily videos he said :"Use bear market to learn something new" ( I will avoid saying that he had his own 'become blockchain developer ' course for only 100$ with the link in video description ). I took his advice seriously and started learning web development.
And where am I now?
I am learning ReactJs, and I am searching for a job as a front-end developer , so thanks bear market, because of you a learned a lot.
And what are my next steps?
I've read a lot of posts here about comfort zone, and I never really understood that, but now I feel that maybe I am stuck inside it, so I will try to do things that I am not used to do.
For example I can write here more often.
Steemit blog can be like a diary. Sometimes it is so dead here that it looks like no one is reading content, no one is interacting with others.
I should start writing down all my secrets here, no one will find them, there are safe from everyone here...

I the the end, I've been every-day active on Steemit for 2 and a half years, and even though it appears that I just stop by on this platform from time to time, I am here all the time. And I read a lot of your stories, I submited tons of your posts to Curie, I upvoted thousands of your posts with my Curie df account, and probably I was too shy to left a comment 'cos I am not native speaker and 'cos my English is just intermediate, and you are welcome.
I will continue to wander through Steemit searching for your high-quality content!

Thanks for everything Steemit!


try wandering through steempeak or maybe even steempeak beta it is a nicer experience :D

I like steempeak a lot!

Writing is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets.

I think the bear market was a perfect time for many to get out of their comfort zones and start building something. Lots of opportunity out there and sharing one’s journey about it is not a bad way to go.

People keep talking about when Steem hits some crazy piece they will sell. With the right opportunity you can create yourself the price won’t matter so much as will end up doing better off what you have been doing.

practice makes perfect!
There are a lot of opportunities here and it is not everything and in prices in money. Steem and bear market really influenced on me

Thanks for sharing your journey with us @milosm2302, it is good to open up once in a while.
That is the only way we can get to know one another.

I feel you my friend.

I will be one of your readers about your secrets.... because secrets are always interesting :D

you will be my partner in crime :D

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