A mother in distress and Jesus her savior!

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All these days have been strong, my daughter has just come out of an illness, thank God that is fine, but as a mother it is not easy to see that her daughter is cut with a scalpel, I really think that for her to have such a short age is very brave because although we both cried a lot at that time, my daughter managed to endure all the extraction, then with a treatment with antibiotics and many cares are already very well ...

In these moments my daughter had to come to work with me, I must fulfill my working day and my work as a Mother. !!

All these days in which my daughter was sick, we had many emotional and economic sadness but I could see the faithfulness of God and I remember that chorus that says at all times praises God, for this the adoration, should not depend on our humor, neither commitments, nor situation at all times we must praise God, for this we were created, everything that breathes praise God.

The Adoration must be a way of life, we are worshipers of those that God is looking for in spirit and truth, that our soul, body and spirit praise God.