Well.. This is kind of embarrassing

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I've been on the internet for a long time & seen tons of content such as blogs, photos,videos, the whole nine yards. I have blogged before in the past, didn't really work out because I ended up with a bloggers worst nightmare! Called The Blogger's block. Yep, I'll admit it. I browse the internet, social media to try & find inspiration & motivation to get my mind going to write something so I could possibly get some good traffic flowing. I know the INs and OUTs of internet marketing, it's just too time consuming I guess at the time maybe? I don't know but having hardships such as an obstacle of not having enough money to get seo or paid traffic to having ads on the biggest social media network in history, of course face book is probably one of my reasons for my bloggers block. Money is a big motivator to me, not just online but offline as well. It shouldn't be but I think it should be for everyone since that's what makes the world go round you know. Unless, your rich or have no problem producing content for your blog, website or freelance work that your doing.
I need some good advice or something of that nature to help me with blogger's block & over come it. I've never had it til now.

Really appreciate any up votes, re steem so others can use the advice/help if they too are having blogger's block or something that can relate


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