Need advice/suggestions on my idea I would like to implement

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Alrighty, I don't even know how it popped in my head but it did & it seems like a pretty good idea. Before I go into detail, I seriously want feedback about this so, comments,resteems, and upvotes would be greatly appreciated & returned. The earnings of this post will go to this idea 110%.. I think it can seriously do some good.
A lot of people who can't afford a lawyer or doesn't like to have a court appointed one since they work & get paid by the state, they could careless about the client. They are spending tax dollars to defend you but your actually going to get stuck with a charge. UNLESS.... One gets a lawyer & pays the outrageous fees, you will if not get close to having less charges sticking..depending on the situation.

I want this app to be the best criminal,civil & domestics defender of the people so the scales on the beam are equal.
No matter the size of income...everyone needs the best defense possible, this app would eliminate some issues in peoples lives aswell by not spending 100s or even 1000s on a lawyer or public pretender. Lol?.
If any kind of money spent on this app, it will have a wide range of options including cyrptocurrency.
Since this idea came to me the other day, I'm deciding to use my steem that i earn on here if any, towards my own money that I'm investing from my day job so this idea becomes a life changing, very informative resource tool.

So... The app will be able to help someone better understand what charges are against them, what the punishments are in the state of the charges.(max punishment & min. punishment, as well as estimate of fines & what rights they are entitled too due to the situation. We the people have the right to rightfully have a defence for the courts that are pursuing charges. Everybody has the right to represent themselves in the courts.

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Where do ideas come from .... who knows?!

What is really powerful is when we can put ideas to action !

The app is a GREAT powerful idea ! Good luck making it happen !

Thank you for your feedback. Just hope things will go smooth. It does sound like powerful tool that could do some good but there's always those kinds of people who will knock it & find ways to throw negatives towards it. Regardless, I'm doing it because it's a goal of mine right now And wanna help people.

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