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Devil's Night seems like the right time to be posting one more spook-centric entry before Halloween is officially upon us. I caught up with the Open Source Occult TV YouTube channel over the weekend and immediately thought this video would make for a great post. I love to watch and write about monsters, creatures and even real life killers and ghosts during the Season of the Witch, but paying attention to the roots of our modern autumnal celebrations and adapting them to our contemporary lives can add a deeper depth to these days than just the kind we get from masks and mulled wine, tricks and treats.

I really enjoy Thomas Sheridan's contemporary magick videos because he brings so many insights from Old World paganism into his modern everyday practices. Here he outlines some of the roots of today's Halloween celebrations and offers some great suggestions on how you can make the most of this season by embracing darkness and loss, and letting go of any extra baggage you've picked up over the course of the year.

Burn it all, y'all. Burn it all.

Here's your Samhain 411...

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Please comment with any special Halloween traditions you embrace with your friends and family. Have a great Devil's Night!