15 Amazing fact about the sharks you never knew before . Part 1

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Many of us look at sharks as those bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty creatures that bite things constantly, largely because of films such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, and others, which have given them unworthy reputation as those evil evil creatures in the oceans and seas .

But the more you read about them, the more you realize that these sea creatures, which everyone is afraid of, are the most misunderstood. In fact, human beings have proved more bloody and deadly towards their cats than humans. Read on to read this article so you can find out amazing facts about the loans that may seem fake to you but they are very real and scientifically proven:

  1. Many people are killed by cactus plants, pigs, lightning strikes, and during the filming of the silvi, more are killed among the shark apaches

Certainly sharks are not those innocent creatures, or more fish in the sea, but they may not be as dangerous to us as we had previously thought. According to the Shark Foundation, people are likely to win the lottery, Killed by pigs, or by the fall of cactus plants on them greater than the possibility of killing between the jaws of a shark. Let us just add this example: between 1959 and 2003, about 1857 people died of lightning strikes in the United States alone. In the same time period, about 740 people were reported to have been involved in karosh incidents, of which about 22 died. Forty people are killed by pigs every year in the United States and Canada alone, six times the number of victims of sharks. In 2015, 12 people died as they tried to take pictures of the silvi. In contrast, eight people were killed by sharks

  1. Sharks found on Earth fifty million years before the emergence of trees? The loans appeared about four hundred years ago, while the trees appeared only 350 million years ago:


Pelagic Shark Research Foundation and the ReefQuest Research Institute have reported that sharks have been on the ground about 400 to 450 million years ago and have passed through four major global extinctions. There are now more than 470 species of sharks around the world. Interestingly, the oldest known species of trees (Archaeopteris) was found about 350 million years ago, according to a report published in 1999 by three scientists: Brigitte Meyer ), Stephen Schickler, and Jobst Windt (Source 1, Source 2).

  1. Some live sharks were born today in Greenland before the English Civil War, and the world's largest sharks may have lived in the same period as William Shakespeare.

Now we know that the sharks have been swimming in the seas and oceans for millions of years in the past, but have you ever known that the sharks living in the Greenland region are the longest lived sharks, but the longest vertebrates on earth, with a life span of 272 to 400 years? In an article published in 2016 by Julius Nielson at the University of Copenhagen and his team, they explain how they used carbon 14 to determine dates on the eyes of dead female sharks to determine their potential age. The oldest was 392 years old When he held it alive, and that was four years before the report was prepared


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