Manicuring and Curing the Budz

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Manicuring and Curing

Going to show you all my drying process. I like to keep it reasonably slow when drying and make sure it gets to a stable point before sealing up and storing. First remove all the leaves and hang them up on the stems for a couple of days as you can see here they have lost a lot of the water weight after just a few days.

This results in the slow even drying, after a few days I will remove them from the stem and allow the loose buds to sit another day or two until they are dry to the touch ready for the first bagging. Once they are bagged(sealed) this will allow the moisture in the middle of the buds to come back out, so after a hour or two in a bag the buds will feel wet again and are ready to be aired for a day. Keep this process going for a while until they stop rehydrating in the bag depending on the density it can take up to a week to get em nice and cured. It is easy to over dry the buds so sometimes I just open the bags right up. Over drying don't taste to good.

Thanks for looking and all your support, few more days till i can give you smoke report @medicalgrower


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hey, thanks for the support...definatly want to get involved :)

Joints or Blunts?

Haha, Joints personally... :)...thanks heaps for the support!, and for cannibus curator(didnt know)...thanks!

The only correct answer is YES!
Heh,heh...steem on

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Peace in Blunts Fam

Excellent method. Nice n easy. Lovely flowers too.

Thanks :)

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