315CMH Up until today(day 32 12/12).

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Hey Guys, 315 Up Until Now

Today, I wanted to put up a run from about 5 days 12/12 until today(right photo), and the lovelyness you see above at day 25 of 12/12 or 2 days ago.Mr Nice-Red Devil - This strain is extreme indica, its genetics is almost pure indica, (Afgan(100% indica)x Afgan) x(AfganxSkunk)

This results in very stout growth and this strain is very robust, it is one of the hardest plants I've had to take cutting from, but she is pretty good once she is going. Yeilds well and has one of the quickest bud cycle s I've seen,Mr Nice-Red Devil is one I can recommend, if he's still around and breeding.

This is a new variety of light released bye Phillips recentlyCeramic Metal Halide, or Light Emitting Ceramics, it is actually closer to the suns spectrum than HPS according to the science, this helps the plansts from stretching and makes em very stout I have found, this is my second run with them and I really like them so far, much cooler than equivalent HPS, and the ballasts run cold!

Lets get started, Day 8 or 9 of 12/12

As you can see they have really stretched as they move into full bud mode, this is where I'll cut to pure flowering nutrients and drop out the N heavy veg formula, as they will receive a mix prior to swapping to full strength flower formula, around 1000ppm salt content. You can see in the photo to the right that the canopy isn't even, but as you can see below after a round of supercropping(pinchings) the canopy is easily evened up. As demonstrated in a couple photo's below.

Here on the Right you can see that after bending down we are able to achieve a nice even canopy.


Infrastructure,Ventilation and Watering

Above you can see my ventilationsystem. Removing hot damp air is essential for strong plant growth and minimizing chances of mold and pest infestations. This part of growing can get neglected bye new growers, its very important to maintain good air flow in your room.

To the left you can see the flood and drain chambers feeding them there life juices thrice daily.

Day 22 Flowering

This is where they start packing on the weight.


As of today there almost at 5 weeks, 33 days bye my count.Issues forced me to bring in the bigger room early, so for finishing these guys are getting a Tandem 400wHPS/315wLECto finish up for the final week or two, so this will help them pack on the thrischomes and the weig![1.jpg](

Thats it for today, tomorrow i'll take em out of the horrible yellow light for better pics. Thanks for joining me @medicalgrower


Very nice work there :) Nothin wrong with a little HPS light :P
Check this light out:

600w equivalent output on that sucker

thanks!, oh ya definatly like hps best around for ages, just love seeing new tech coming out! it's awesome...
that light has got some UV spectrum coming out of it...what kinda light is that? plants are loving it!

LED 240w... It uses blue and red LED lights so it shines bright purple-red. Got it for $100 on Amazon.

Ahh nice, Im yet to experiment with LED. How are you finding it?

these are beautiful shots
thank you for sharing

thanks, I really appreciate the support!

are you in san diego ???

na mate, Oz so when you get any rugby tipping going, I'm in!