How I got 100 Youtube Subscribers in 5 Days - VIDEO

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This is a video I made a few months back, it was quite fun ( and a little immature ), but I enjoyed making it all the same. I have also included a few tips and advice on really promoting a channel. I am really trying to introduce this channel to the steemit community, so feedback helps a lot!


If you liked this video, live a comment for any other you may want. I love producing, but it's great to know I have a community supporting me!

If you enjoyed, upvote and follow!

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Nice post....upvoted

How do you get 100 subscribers on YouTube if you don't know tons and tons of girls?

I was joking! Basically, you need to follow lots of accounts on twitter. From that, a lot will follow you back. Once you have a little community, start tweeting and you will get activity on your site.

I haven't gotten a chance to watch your video yet but I am very intrigued. I am watching the Defenders right now but have made a comment so that I can find your video easily when I can view it without distraction. From the comments below about getting a small community to follow you through twitter and then replying to people, is a great idea. I just started a new YouTube channel ( I have another one already) and the rules have changed about monetization. They are making new channels get 10,000 views before they will allow monetization on any of it. I understand why because of the whole YouTube Ad controversy, but it sure makes it hard on anyone starting up a new channel. Thank you for this video and taking the time to make it.

Yeah, of course - creating a twitter helps so much. I more made this video partially as a thank you, but if you want any more tips, then send me a message on steemitchat. - My name is my Steemit name!

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Well, that's some nice tactic you used there for subscribers via Twitter. :)

I hope you will get your 1 000 subscribers soon in the future. No doubt about it if you keep up your good work.

Wish you a ton of success!

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