Shawn and the Secret of Athana Episode 1

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First Chapter

Sweat bathed Shawn lay in bed, in his head, weird images played off. He quickly threw his blanket to the floor, swinging his legs out of bed and sitting unaware for a moment. "What was that?" That thought did not go away from Shawn's head. Shawn had never dreamed that before. What exactly it has been. A knock on the door made Shawn flinch. "Shawn honey, it's time to get up". "Yes Mom, I'm awake." he called back. When he heard his mother walking down the hall and the footsteps becoming quieter, he got up, opened the door, and headed for the bathroom.
When Shawn opened the door after his morning shower, it was already smelling of delicious pancaks. His mom makes the best pancaks of the
World. Anyway, this was his opinion. When he entered the kitchen immediately attacked by his mom. She hugged him and kissed him literally. "All the best for your birthday my angel". "Mom," he replied in a crushed voice, "you're the best mom world."
he was
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Seven years ago, on a cold winter's night, Shawn's father left his family overnight. What he never understood was why his mom was never mad at his dad. She always knew nice stories about him. Her eyes sparkled as if she still loved him. Christin was only there for seven years for Shawn, she let down all men who just wanted to get close to her. Shawn was her sanctuary and the only connection between her and Christopher. Shawn, however, could not feel much for Christopher. He would never want to call him Dad! That he left him and his mother, that was very deep in his heart.
"Shawn tonight you will get a gift from your dad from me, this he has given me on the day of his departure for you and I should give it to you, if you celebrate your twelfth birthday." Shawn flinched and his head turned right to his mom. "Mom, do you really think I should accept the gift? He abandoned us and made you unhappy." "My angel I am not unhappy, I have you". She winked at him with a lovely smile. Christin would never admit that it would be nice to have someone who is there for her. Maybe she just hoped that Christopher would return.
"Let's see you can give it to me but do not be angry with me if I do not want to open it yet, I need some more time". After this sentence it was quiet at the kitchen table. Shawn enjoyed the pancaks his mom made for him. He loved it with a lot of chocolate sauce on it.
When Shawn had finished his stomach, he jumped off the chair, got his shoes and jacket, which he put on.
It was the last day before the summer holidays and he did not want to be late. It was the last day he could hang out with his best friend Fredy. The two have known each other since kindergarten and are enthusiastic about every fun. Shawn is very smart he knows where the limits of fun and seriousness lie. Fredy, on the other hand, likes to cross the borders.
Just recently, Fredy had the idea of ​​kidding her homeroom teacher. He read on the Internet that if you fill the blackboard with soap, the chalk does not stick to it but goes out a short time later. However, it was not pointed out that the table can never be used after that and that it has to be used for about twenty thousand dollars
Debtor must be replaced.
Fredy smeared the board full of soap. It happened exactly what was on the Internet, the chalk disappeared.
Mrs. Trena knew that it was Fredy she grabbed him by the ears. "That hurts," Fredy yelled at her with an angry look, "Fredy, now you shot the bird, let's see what the headmaster will say to the story," Mrs. Trena replied.
Serina and Chuck Levit were immediately ordered by the principal to the school. Fredy's parents were both dealing in real estate. The solution to the problem, Chuck issued a check for thirty thousand dollars and the story was forgotten. Fredy was allowed to return to his place.
When Shawn put on his jacket and shoes, he kissed his mother goodbye and headed for the front door. He threw his satchel over his shoulder and opened the door. "Chuuessu's mom Got you a doll?" Shawn loudly shouts to his mother, who put the dishes in the kitchen in the kitchen. He closed the door of her house behind him and headed for the bus stop where he would meet Fredy. En route on the short stretch, Shawn thought of the dream of last night. Even his father left a present for him employed him. One thought pursued him more than anything else. Could it be that the dream is connected with the gift of his father? Shawn found the thought itself rather ridiculous and why he even took the time to think about it.
Fredy was already waiting at the station and saw Shawn digging in the distance. He already saw what was wrong. "Hei Bro, happy birthday, what's wrong with you?" Fredy said as Shawn was only a few steps away from him. When Shawn stood with him, he hugged him warmly.
The two had barely time to talk already came the school bus approached from afar. "We're talking on the bus," Shawn said to Fredy.
Fredy nodded to him and they both watched the approaching school bus. When the bus door opened with a loud hydraulic noise, they came in and took their place in the middle section of the bus.
No sooner had the two sat down than Mr. Pan drove off. Mr. Pan is from China and settled in Evanston thirty years ago. Evanston is a suburb of Chicago Ilinois. He was an open-minded apprentice.
"Shawn, what's the problem with your birthday?" Fredy said, looking at him with curiosity. Shawn could hardly come to words already Brian was sitting behind them. "What Shawn you have today birthday?" Brian yelled through the bus so that everyone could hear it. Brian started singing. Happy Birthday, Good luck to your birthday. It was not long before everyone was sitting in the bus. Even Mr. Pan helped with full voice and Chinese accent.
Shawn was totally uncomfortable, he did not like being the center of attention. "Thank you, people, many thanks," Shawn replied with a tomato red head. When it had calmed down a bit, whispering voice told Fredy what he had dreamed and he did today
Gift from his father. "Oh Shawn look at you
Dad left you there, I would definitely be very curious. "
Fredy, you are not in my situation either. "They both looked tacitly in. As the bus stopped at another collection point to load children, there was a girl under them who had never seen them before, dark long hair, bright blue eyes and a lovely one Face.