Downvoting or flagging, it is such a double edged sword!

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In every social media platform, you almost always see the ability to downvote or flag a content that's not in accordance to community rule. It's no different here on Steemit, and although it has the benefit of reducing spam or malicious duplication of contents it definitely has some disadvantages which I think should be examined:

1. Downvoting is devastating with people that has a lot of Steempower

If you have experienced being downvoted by those with a lot of Steempower, your post is in essence "blocked" from discovery. Although you may have hundreds of upvotes, someone with more Steempower versus everyone combined can kill your post in an instant.

2. It is hard to examine the basis of downvoting

I have had a post downvoted by people simply had other beliefs than I do on a certain topic rather than something legitimate. This really sucks if you can't voice your opinion on a "decentralized" supposedly....

I think if the following options were integrated with downvoting, I believe would dramatically improve the community and functionality as a whole:

1. Downvoting needs to be capped

No one should be able to downvote as much as they can, power corrupts! See the sheriff in town? All great people until they got that badge into their head that's when you see police brutality!

2. Downvoting penalty needs to be limited

If you have 100 people voting up on a post and one "super" veteran votes it down, the voice of the majority should be heard over the minority

3. Downvoting a post needs an explanation

This is to prevent abuse where mods can see if these causes are legitimate to prevent the little guys from being pushed around

Downvoting is definitely an important functionality to have, however to fine tuning it is so important to make a community from a niche set of people into mainstream platform where people can use it everywhere. Steemit has a great community and I'm sure there are people that's willing to volunteer and help out. I know I would love to help in some shape or form for sure!

Your Fellow Crypto-Knight,

- mastaz -

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