How to raise a winner?

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This is my son in the photo. I really want him to grow confident and lucky, that he had his goal and confidently went to it, that he would come out victorious from difficult situations. Every parent wants this for his child. But how to raise a winner in your child? It turns out that this is not so difficult.

  1. Find something in the child for which you can praise him.
    The child, self-confident, everything works out. Self-esteem is the main thing that inspires the child to succeed. The earlier you help him to find this feeling, the better. "Well, Tommy, can you pick up three toys? One is fine, Tommy." The second is excellent, the third is just great! " Then praise and embrace your child. Too simple - some will say. But from this self-esteem grows.

  2. Do not scold, but teach.
    Never inspire a child: "What are you stupid!", "Lord, how awkward you are!". Always let the child understand what you want from him, and not what you do not want. In a difficult situation, people better remember what they hear last. Therefore, your last words to the child should be positive and encouraging.

  3. Evaluate the strengths of the child.
    When assessing it is very important to determine correctly what the child likes to do. Always listen to his own opinion and self-esteem.
    Questions: "What do you like to do? What do you do with pleasure? What do you do well? "
    The answers: "I love singing, I love math, I hit hard on the ball" give a lot of information for the parent, teacher or coach. On them it is possible to define the basic way of development of talent of the child.

  4. Teach your child to relax.
    When you are relaxed, you think more clearly, your body functions better. Think together with the child, as it is better to remove tension. This can be an audio recording of birds singing in the forest, the sound of the ocean or irregular soft melodies. In a quiet state, it will be easier for the child not to be distracted and concentrate entirely on the solution of the task set before himself.

  5. Develop the ability of the child to concentrate.
    Try to start with simple exercises. If the child is very small, then sing him a song and ask him to listen carefully to the words, and then ask a few questions. Older children can develop visual concentration. Show a page with numbers, and then remove it and ask: "What figures and in what series do you remember". You can also develop tactile, taste and olfactory perception of the child.

  6. Never press on your child with authority.
    The most common mistake in educating children is the phrase: "I've already known so much and knew how to do it in your years." This phrase in children's minds does not awaken anything. Never tell the child in the curriculum about his mistakes of youth. Bismarck said rightly:"Let the fools learn from their mistakes, I will learn from the mistakes of others". But the child will never take your positive experience out of your mistakes !!! Remember this.

  7. Constantly remind the child of his successes.
    Hang on the wall his diplomas, laudable letters. Always before leaving the child for school or for training, recall what he has achieved and what else he needs to achieve. It does not take a lot of time. But for the child will be a strong incentive to achieve the goal and move forward.

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