A wonderful rescue of a dog doomed to death.

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This story began with a single phone call. In our society of protection of animals "Kind heart" the man rang and has told, that on a city suburb in a deep pit alive dogs are buried. He said that he called the police and rescue services, but no one responded to help. Probably, the problem of dying animals was not important enough for public services. And we went to the place - several volunteers in our car.
For 50 kilometers from the city there is a farm, and nearby there is a deep well, into which dead animals were dumped - cows and pigs. The top of the well is closed with a lid with a lock. From inside, we heard groans and barking. But the castle was closed. Dogs could not be there by accident. Someone deliberately threw them there and closed them with a key. We broke the lock and looked inside. What we saw was terrible! On the piles of rotting bodies of cows and pigs lay the dogs. Rather, it was something remotely resembling dogs. They were all covered with worms and flies, from them there was a terrible smell, they hardly moved and hardly breathed.
With the help of ropes we first got one dog. She almost did not breathe at all. We did not even have time to start saving her - she died at the hands of one of the volunteers. The second dog was more lucky. He was in terrible condition, but he could stand, even tried to bark. From there came such a terrible smell that one of the volunteers jokingly said: "You smell like a peony." So since then we called him - Peony.
We took the dog to the clinic, where she was helped. The doctors had to work hard, washing the poor fellow from the maggots. The dog's stomach was filled with feces and worms. We had little confidence that the poor fellow would live until morning. But he survived. We posted information about the dog on the website of the Society for the Protection of Animals and many people responded to help Peony. In two months the dog could not be found out! He turned into a handsome, well-fed dog, who loved people, despite all his horrors. When Peony completely recovered, we found him the owners. And now he is happy in his new family. Cruelty of people sometimes knows no bounds! But the possibilities of people in saving animals are also great. The main thing is the desire to help. Do not think how difficult it is, but just go and do, save, give hope, give life.90131028.jpg

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