You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone.

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We have been doing a bit of tinyhome improvements so I sent the family off to their Nan's for the weekend, it's been 2 day's now and I feel a bit lost without them.


As the old saying goes, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" but the thing is we only ever really apprieciate this old saying when they are gone, if only there was a way that we could remind ourselves of this when our loved ones are with us, to truly enjoy every single little moment with the people who mean the most to us.


That old saying has really hit home this week because in the space of a week my Auntie has been in hospital with a brain tumor, my step Dad is on life support after suffering a major heart attack and Louise get's a phone call today that her Nan has just passed away.

So please, everyone who reads this post, I beg you to go and give the people you love a giant hug and tell them you love them, and enjoy every single little moment with them, because you really don't know what you got till it's gone.

Peace and love to the World.



The title scared me a little (you know, government potentially breathing down your necks), but luckily you came to no harm. Sad to hear all those family affairs though... I wish you lots of support through your hardships. You're of course completely right by what you say. I like to phrase it as, "Experience every beautiful moment with a loved one as if newly given. This way there is abundance of gratitude." Love to all.

"Experience every beautiful moment with a loved one as if newly given.

Thank you for this one, it's lovely.
And i'm sorry for making you think the worst. :)

No reason for apologies! Provocative titles, whether intended or not, are usually good. ;D

I hope everything will turn up good. After so many bad news... good ones will come! My thoughts are next to you and your family! Please update us with good news!

Will do, thank you for your genuine kind thoughtful comment.

Man sometimes life is hard but I agree you have to be grateful for​ what you have. Andespecially​y let your family know as often as possible that you love them!

May all living things be happy !

very well said my friend :)

I love your posts, Mark. I dont have kids yet, but I would like to bring them up sans public education. Your stories are inspiring!

Thank you for the lovely comment @princessmewmew
i wish you all the luck in the future.

🌺 thank you @markwhittam - i look forward to your posts every day! :) 🌺

It's so real, do not leave it to tomorrow, what you can do today, tomorrow may be late!

So true @anacristinasilva
Make today count because Tomorrow never comes, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

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Sorry for your loss Mark. I will make sure to tell my friends and family how much they mean to me this week as I am on vacation with them for the next 6 days. Looks like your making some big changes with the green machine. What are you doing?

Please do @elderfinancial and enjoy your vacation with the family, I'm finally spraying the windows and doors green. The spray I'm using is nasty stuff and I didn't want the kids breathing it in. Thanks for stopping by

you guys started in a dark area. i think it can help anyone in a dark position in their lives as well. your posts are very inspriring. steem on. I hope many others will follow in your path of sharing this.

Thank you for your kind words @kevbot
They mean a lot :)

So true :( tomorrow is not promised i hope your family gets better and if you want can you maybe give a follow i am fully in support of van life and tiny homes like yours!! Much love from PA!!

Yeah sure, thanks for the comment. have a lovely Sunday

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So beautiful 💚

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