Our Little Man....Lotus Birth....Home Birth....Unvaccinated....Peace love and harmony.

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This is one special little boy, he is so peaceful and calm, so gentle and loving, this little man has complimented our family beyond measure, he filled the gap we never knew was there and we are so grateful for his existence.

The picture was taken within the first few hours of him entering our world.

Ronnie-Niyol, Born 22 July 2016


The One.

I have six children altogether, two from previous relationships and in the ten years me and Louise have been together we have been blessed with four beautiful children. I love all my children more than words can say but Niyol is The One, he is the only boy. The One boy I never thought I would have.

The Birth.

Our first child Marley was born in the Hospital but after what can only be described as a nightmare experience for everyone involved, Louise never gave birth in a hospital again. Natural home births have been without a doubt a much more peaceful and harmonious experience for all of us but Niyol's birth was different.

Niyol's first smile on the first day within the first hour.


On our travels around Europe in our tinyhouse we met a lovely women from Japan called Harruka, before meeting Harruka we had never heard of lotus births but after hearing her experience we knew there and then we would give our boy a lotus birth. In short, for those who don't know, a lotus birth is a natural birthing practice where you do not cut the umbilical cord, instead you let the cord dry up and naturally detach a few days after birth.

The Birth happened very quickly, from the first contraction till the moment he arrived took 30mins, Louise woke up at 6.20am and knew that he was ready, I was at work and had no chance to make it back in time, I was on the phone doing the breathing techniques in time with Louise when she let out one loud scream, 5 seconds later I heard our little girls had woken up, 30 seconds later I heard the words "it's a boy" our three girls had witnessed the birth of their little brother and knew exactly what to do, Marley went off to get the birthing bag with all the towels and baby clothes, within a minute the placenta was out and Louise could wrap it up along with our little boy, Louise then said in a calm voice "OK girls hold your little brother Mummy's going to tidy up and make some breakfast. What an amazing woman.


We knew that a lotus birth had many benefits for both Mother and Child, we can't be sure whether it was because of the lotus birth but this boy was so calm and tranquil, so peaceful and content, he never cried and it's hard to explain but when you picked him up all his muscles were so relaxed it was as if his body was asleep, he had such a peaceful look on his face from morning till night and you could just tell he was happy with the whole experience.

After a few days the cord detached and we all went out and buried it, we dug a hole, placed the placenta in the hole and then planted a tree on top of the placenta.

2017-05-16 16.10.18.jpg

Our little man is going to be one years young in a few hours, and although we never expected to have a boy he has bought so much to this family that we never knew was needed, he has introduced us to a new level of peace we never knew was possible, he has given his three sisters a new perspective, and he has given me a bit of back up :O)

He has never been inspected or injected, yet he is happy, healthy and very bright.

You can see it in his eye's that his well aware of his powers, and I'm am sure he knows that he has made this family complete.

Happy Birthday Little Man.




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This is so lovely @markwhitta. It is so awesome to see parents who understand the sacredness of birth. We are having a baby, our 2nd in a month and it will be homee birth as well. Still not sure if we will do a lotus birth but we may. Omni our first is also unvaxcinated. He is 20 months alive and bright. Was only sick once. He is aware and insanely intelligent. How all children should be. Blessings!!!!


Wow, Thank you @egregorian for your compliment and for reaching out and sharing your stories with us, we wish you all the best with the birth of your second child and a thrilled that it will be a home birth, I think it's great you chose not to vaccinate your boy, here in Sweden people don't understand why we would not vaccinate, and when we tell them we gave birth outside of a hospital they just think we are nuts. we love steemit because there are so many alternative people on here with a much better understanding of how things should really be.

Peace and love to you and your family and hopefully in a month we will get to read about the birth of your second child. :o)


Very funny @egregorian. At first I saw your comment about having a baby, and wondered how you managed to have 2 babies ("our 2nd in a month") within the span of just one month. Maybe polygamy or something? Just kidding! Enjoyed your comment.


Hahah! Nice. I totally did not even see that. Word play lol!



Cheers buddy :)

I am a little late to this post but it's a lovely post. I love that he has started helping you balance the gender balance. 😉

But joking aside. What a great story. Your wonderful lady does indeed seem like an incredible woman and so very strong and resilient.

Niyol looked so bright and alert when he was born. That's a truly natural baby, as they should all be. You're all so lucky. And he's growing up so much already. Watch out @markwhittam he'll be the man of the big green steam machine soon. If he isn't already!

You're all a very inspiring bunch, but all the while seemingly very humble. Humble and down to earth (literally it seems) are two of the best traits in great people I believe. And you are great people!


Amen! 🙏


What a beautiful post this is!!! Look at that amazing family :) Your wife is an incredible lady..you and your family are very Blessed. Now that you have you little boy, any more children? Thanks for educating me on lotus birth, I had heard of this before but never knew what it was. What a beautiful way to birth :) I love you my Steemit Friend..SUNSHINE247


Like yourself I'd heard of a Lotus birth. Although at the time I'd no idea it was called that. But I'd came across it in the movie Wanderlust.

Beautiful story. Happy birthday to your young man. :)


Hey @beng05, Thank you for reading our story. :o)

Oh Happy one year Birth Day to young Niyol! And to you all!! The Lotus Birth sounds heavenly. He certainly was filled with peace and tranquility...as were the ladies :) You have a lovely, lovely family!!! Congrats


Thank you @tamaralovelace we appreciate your lovely kind words. we can't prove it but we do believe the lotus birth has played a big part in the peace this boy possesses.

So awesome to read such a story especially because its TRUE!
Wow. It has been this way for EVERY child of mine. All 3 were at home just me and mom no nothing. All lotus births as we feel strongly they are the healthiest and none ever been to a doctor or had a western medicine.
They are all so healthy and happy. It really can be so EASY!
So great to see this kind of content being shared here on Steemit!
Keep posting. the world NEEDS this!


Thank you @quinneaker for your kind words this means a lot to us coming from you.
That's so cool you also did Lotus births, if we had of known about it before we would have chosen this way for all our children, it definitely feels like the most natural way, to not cut that life line the baby has lived with for 9 months.
I did a post months ago called separated at birth about how hospital births cause a massive separation between baby and mother, The whole experience from start to finish is so clinical and unnatural.
Thanks again, you and your family are so blessed :)


Yes hospitals are one of the worst things that happen to us and we are scared from day 1. People don't realize because its been that way their whole life and almost everyone too....
Its really quite a horrible tragedy especially since its considered not only normal but the "proper" way .
I could write a whole book about the craziness.
Keep up the natural loving and honest life. Its what real living is~*~

Happy birthday to the little guy! Peace and well wishes to you and your family, I have to go dry my tears now.


Thank you @carpenterbee we appreciate your good will.


your very welcome.

Beautiful birth and story your family surely blessed congratulations


Thank you @rebeccabe very very blessed indeed :)

Beautiful Family!


Thank you very much @hammockhouse :o) :o)

OMG this smile on the second picture is so heart-warming!!!
I think I've already said that in the past, but I totally love your way of celebrating the family.
Excellent article as always - from the heart to the blockchain :)


Wow, what a lovely compliment
thank you @surfermarly
So thrilled you enjoy our posts :)

From the heart to the blockchain.

I love that, you should put that on a T-shirt. :)

What a beautiful family you have! Happy birthday to the young man!


Thank you @refine, we feel blessed :o)

He is cute, happy birthday to him from my side :-)


So beautiful @markwhittam! I am so happy he has had a wonderful first year and that your family is enjoying your little boy. All the best to you & your growing family in your tiny home. Enjoy the precious moments :)


Thank you @denisechips for your lovely comment, he's had a fantastic first year and he has made us enjoy our moments more.
Bless :)

Happy Birthday to Niyol!!! May GOD continue nlessing him and the entire family. This is a beautiful story...keep them coming!!!


Thank you @teamrodriguez for your lovely comment.

Bless :o)


You are welcome. By the way...he is adorable!!!

Beautiful life you have @markwhittman. You and your family are very blessed. Happy 1st Birthday to sweet baby Niyol.


Thank you @rainwalle we are truly blessed and try to remind ourselves every day just how blessed we really are.

you have very beautiful children! I wish some day I will have children of my own. It's a very lovely boy!


Thank you for your kind words @brothermic. wish you all the best with your future family :O)

happy birthday to your little one :)


Cheers buddy :)

What an awesome story and Thank You @markwhittam for sharing it with us all, birth is so sacred and needs to get back to being the normal for being done at home! Shared for others to know!


Thank you @weetreebonsai
Glad you liked our story, bless you :o)

I wish I could have a home-birth, or a midwife, but there are none in my town, so I am having a hospital birth and they are rushing me to have a csection cuz he is breech and I am going to find a new place to live for my future children that can accommodate my wishes for non-interventionist approach.


I wish you all the best, and hope for the best possible outcome. Sometimes things happen for a reason, but as long as you are united with your child and they feel your love that's the main thing
Blessings to you and your family :)

Wow thank you for sharing your lovely and beautiful story @markwhittam! I am pregnant with my first child and just so happened to be considering other birth methods apart from the hospital. Your story just introduced the Lotus birth to me and now I am considering a home birth. How does it get better than this? Thank you, thank you!!


Thank you @mariana85
Really pleased that enjoyed our story and that it inspires you to think differently, I would highly recommend home births especially a Lotus Birth, it worked fine all those years ago before we had hospitals, the atmosphere in a hospital is not relaxing and that why most births now are performed by c-section.

Thanks for the interaction and good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

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Wow! Niyol is such a beautiful, happy child. I'm so glad you all did this for him. Personally, I've never heard of 'lotus birth' but if I had I'd have loved to try it out myself. Louise seems to be an amazing woman! Good luck and hugs to all of you! You make a beautiful family together! - @sandzat

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What a lovely story - he is beautiful

Oh wow! These are the days of magic and mystery. It all seems like a daydream long ago with these little ones. Your story is so fascinating! We are using your experience as a proxy for the things my wife and I regret not doing when we had young ones around. 25 years ago there weren't many doing what you are doing. Having passed on a few ideas about home birth and home schooling/unschooling, a few family members down the line have started to cross over and try things different. God bless you and your family now and into the future. I can tell that you "get it" when it comes to raising a strong and healthy family.


Thank you @andrewdaines I'm glad you can appreciate our lifestyle even if it's not the one you chose all them years ago, I think it was a lot harder back then, we didn't have the Internet back then and people didn't know any other way.
Times are really changing now and people are starting to question the norm.
Thanks for the interaction :)

Great post. Lovely family. My best wishes for your kids.

@markwhittam blessings upon you and your family. Having been one to bury a placenta from a home birth, I appreciate the thought of planting a tree over the site. It is good to hear that your Lotus Birth went well. Some do not. However, all cases of not injecting septic matter into a living being are expontially superior to the deranged practice of vaccines.

Your family is SO beautiful-thank you for sharing. I also have a family of 8. I think it is great that you chose to not vaccinate. We are working on buying a piece of land to live off grid in tiny-houses. I wish you all the best on your adventures!resteemed-upvoted-followed...


Thank you @wyzz2020
We love to meet people with similar goals in life :) we wish you all the best in making your dreams come to reality, it's possible :)

You have a wonderful family Mark. You all look so healthy, happy and content.
What a marvelous calm and natural birth...well it certainly was a beautiful moment for the family to share. It was a shame you missed it.
Wishing you peace and great happiness and success in life.


Thank you @katdvine for reading about our little Niyol, before Niyol I had never missed a birth and although I missed this one I still felt a part of it, I think it was great that the Mum and sisters managed on their own, I really think it they had their moment, I was there shortly after and still felt the love.
Bless :)

What a beautiful story Mark. Im very happy to read this here. The world needs more positive reinforcement that natural birthing is great for both mother and child, the entire family actually. Thank you and looking forward to reading more from you!

""OK girls hold your little brother Mummy's going to tidy up and make some breakfast." Awesome (I'm grinning!). This is World Peace right Here. I actually knew the late Jeannine Parvati Baker [of InnerPrizes/co-author of Conscious Conception and author of the first ever prenatal yoga book in the USA]. Jeannine helped seed this ancient-future birthing practice worldwide. I remember her saying no place on Earth took it to heart like the women of Tasmania.
Intelligence of Love John De Ruiter.jpg

Beautiful chapter!
Beautiful family.
Thank you for sharing and choosing to be part in taking back birth!!