The Narcissist report. w/e: Sunday, 27th May 2018.

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Another week of absolutely no movement on housing. A bit of nice weather, and a bit of shit weather.

That sums it up really!

I’ve received even more random deliveries. These include:

A Hunting Axe
A 27″ Machete
A miniature Cosh
A steel ball on a rope Cosh
Electric grinder
There were some other bits and Bob’s too. I’m definitely prepared for a zombie apocalypse or going on a killing spree.

Most of this week’s evenings have been taken up by clay modelling. Nothing I’m perticulary proud of. Mostly learning curve stuff.

This one is ready for painting. We will see how it turns.

Weird music obsession of the week has be Hall & Oates. Why? I’ve no idea.

I think it’s the opening keyboard sound on this one.

I haven’t only bought worrying weaponry. I got quite a few moulds for clay, clay tools and storage, etc…

I’m not on the “Travis Bickle” road yet.

As usual, my nemesis, has plagued my life. Shitting and pissing on everything.

Look at him there. Taking the piss, as usual. I often have dreams where I awake and he is eating my intestines.

Plotting my demise.

Anyway, slowly but surely, life goes on. Another weekend. Productive and counter-productive. Louis is now going out like a proper teenager. Which is what I wanted for him. The downside is, now I have to worry about what he’s up to. Who he is with, etc…. The worst part is, I know what I was up to at his age(13), and it wasn’t good.

It is also a blessing. Knowing what I know. Or I’d be having nightmares involving Zammo and the cast of Grange Hill singing “Just say No!”

Hmmm? I fancy a bit of brown, actually……….

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