The Narcissist Report. W/E: 24/06/18.

in blog •  9 months ago

Having spent the whole week in the burbs, I feel less aggravated than usual. Also, managing to pay all my bills without going into my overdraft is fantastic. This also includes any “personal/recreational” expenditure. All I can say about the work side of it is, I went every day. I achieved the required goals without much drama.

Having had 2 whole days off, I feel ready to endure the onslaught, that is the next 2 weeks. 6 days solid, 7 solids days including a double on the Friday.

Money YAY! Sleep BOO!

I do feel healthy though. At least I have that. Also, I look quite healthy which is even more of a bonus. I’ll reassess this after the next 2 weeks though.

Nothing on the housing front. If I could get a mortgage, my dad said he would deposit me up but being self-employed doesn’t help in that sense, nor do the ridiculous prices of houses around my way. I’ll do some investigating though.

I’ll hit the coming week with a positive attitude so it can slowly be crushed by the onslaught of reality.

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