The Narcissist Report w/e: 17/6/18

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I’m a father. It’s Fathers Day. That’s all I have to say about that.

First task of the day is definitely to order some food from Tesco. I’m flippin’ starvin’. Last time I ordered I was so fucked, water seemed like solid food so I ended up ordering a few bottles of gin and some cheese balls. I’ll do better this time, I’ll add vodka(yes, Mark. You’re fucking hilarious!) Seriously, I need to make the food bill higher than the alcohol bill.


Right. £124. Only 40 was booze. Fair shout I thought. Not that I want to spend that but I suppose we have to eat, right?

The Week

? I have had a couple of low-lows this week but I’ve decided to put it down to tiredness and age. I’ve had a few arguements with various people(luckily, I was right and won them all. I know this because my reflection in the mirror told me). I did manage seven day-rates in 6 days. It sorted me out financially but not physically. I won’t be accepting any overtime for next weekend, no matter what. It’s hard to keep up with life. Money is great but if you have no time it’s irksome. On top of that, I FUCKING HATE HAVING A SATURDAY ALARM!

Yet another tiresome week of no housing. Some weeks I can let it slide but sometimes, it makes me want to go postal. It makes you question everything you have been brought up to rely on. I mean, in September, I will have been paying tax for 30 years!! I’ve lived here my whole life. Give me a fucking break! You god-forsaken, shithole of a country. I’ve treated you with respect. Chuck a little my way.


What else? Hhmmm. A few more of my mad spending spree, armed to the teeth, purchases arrived. A tiny, laser sighted, crossbow that fires toothpicks and a mini hunting knife.

As “The Bouch” keeps telling me, I’m on a watch list with some government agency now. Even if I wasn’t before.

I think the positive of the week has to go to the Co-Op. They have renewed their offer on Whitley Neill gin. Normally, it would be about £27-38 for 70cl but on offer it’s 20.

Good Times.

On the whole, if a week fits into a couple of paragraphs, life is shit……, or great, Depending on your perspective.

At least I have today off. Ahh Sunday! A day for realising dreams, eating like an idiot and,.. other shit people say about Sundays!

Bottom line, I woke up. Ordered Tesco delivery, cleaned bathroom, a little washing, made roast dinner.

It was a quality bit of beef.

On top of that, I backed a few models and tried out my first latex mould of, what I call, “The Blue Boy”.

I’m happy but the mould is too thin.

The plaster cast came out ok.

The sum up is, full, repetitive, wank…….with a spatter of arse.

If nothing else, always remember to:

Go easy. Step lightly. Stay free.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I’ve had a few arguements with various people(luckily, I was right and won them all.
It should be arguments instead of arguements.

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