The Narcissist Report. Thursday, 10th May 2018.

in blog •  9 months ago

Automated life.
Get up.
Go to work.
Come home.
Escape to dreamland.
Of course, there are other moments. For me, almost all of them are escapes. Watching TV, getting fucked, reading, drawing, etc…. All pointless escapes. I dunno? I’m just, in that place, I suppose.

Everything seems lost. Which is probably the result of a severe comedown. I’ve tried to keep upbeat. Waiting for it to end. I just can’t see the end.

The end? It’s probably the wrong way of putting it. I’m not talking about dying. I mean, the end of this chapter of my life. A positive person would say,…….? I don’t know. That’s the problem, I suppose. I don’t know what a positive person would say.

Moan, moan, moan. It’s all I’m doing. Fuck it! I’ll keep it to myself until I have something worth saying.

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