The Narcissist Report. Monday, 7th May 2018.

in blog •  9 months ago

First impressions of the Amazon bought, nootropics are good. I can imagine if you took 2 or 3, you’d be off your tits. They definitely give you focus. I’ll give them that.

I’m midway through the bank holiday weekend and I’ve actually managed to achieve a few goals. I finally plugged my guitar into an amp after 3 months break. That’s way too long! I reorganised the shed and got the garden umbrella out. Played around with some clay and some molding plastic.

All good and wholesome.

Sadly, It didn’t stay wholesome. I’ve spent quite a lot of money this weekend. I got obsessed by my order.

Plus various other things, like a taser, a knuckleduster, a catapult, etc…

That’s drugs for you! Mad decisions made while under the influence. I also bought this though. It’s a fund starter.


Hopefully, I’ll get it in a few weeks!

It’s a usual “keeps me out of trouble” tactic. I suppose it’s better than spending all my money on drugs!……?

I’m excited anyway. I’d say that it will, pretty much, eliminate buying Christmas/birthday presents. So, if you know me, you know what you’ll be getting…………Some fucked up creation from my brain! That’s what!

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