The Narcissist Report. Friday, 4th May 2018.

in blog •  11 months ago 

Two days of no work. Then, I get some work and the sun comes out. Typical really! I'm still waiting for the fog to clear. It's taking a lot longer than expected. Maybe I've fucked my brain permanently? Hhmm?....nah! I can feel it scheming in the background. I don't know what it's scheming. Either my demise or my triumph. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

To aid in my recovery, I have bought some nootropics. They will turn up tonight. Also, I've ordered the illegal alternative. You may think this is strange, considering the whole," giving the Cocaine a break" thing but that's how I roll. Some drugs are for fun. Some have a dual purpose. I've found that amphetamines, at least, get me motivated to do stuff. Cocaine just makes me plan a life I'll never realise.

It's definitely fun though.

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