Introducing Mallory, our new St Bernard puppy

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These pesky hoomans keep pointing their camera at me

Really excited to be able to introduce the newest member of our family to all of you: "Mallory". His name comes from the mountaineer George Mallory which we thought was a fitting name for a mountain dog.

He is currently very interested in the following

  • Sleeping
  • Pooping
  • Weeing
  • Chewing(mostly shoes, especially when attached to feet)

I am going to be using the account @mallorystbernard to post some short format posts, mainly images and short stories so if you are interested in hearing more about him as he grows into a 200lb beast then drop a follow over there.


With my new favourite hooman



You gotta catch your 40 winks whenever you can in this place.

And why the quote on his neckerchief???

Mallory is famously quoted as having replied to the question "Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?" with the retort "Because it's there", which has been called "the most famous three words in mountaineering".


Maybe when asked, "why are you eating all of our shoes", Mallory would reply, "Because it's there"


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He's so cute and cuddly now, may I ask how long the transition will take to 200lb beast?

Such a cute puppy! Congratulations on welcoming Mallory into your family! :) What a life he has! I think this chewing 'phase' will be there for a long time :D

OMG he is so amazing <3 Love the photos ! The one with your mini hooman is super awesome <3 and that quote on the scarf is really great great :D :D :D
(specially since it came back at the end) (to eat shoes)


Gorgeous post, Mark ! It picked me all the way up~

I love this and i will be following Mallory's account for more amazing happies <3

Oh LOL, the Chewing(mostly shoes, especially when attached to feet) made my day. I had a puppy that never let me walk because of that. Looking forward to seeing these short stories. Cute little hooman too :)

What a little darling! I love to see the story and substance behind his name and the neckerchief too! I think "Because it's there" may be his answer for a few years haha

He's definitely got a new follower in me :)

You little one will be able to ride Mallory before too long! Super duper cute. Following mallorystbernard now :)

Congratiulations with your new family member! He's adorable! Going to follow him on his account to see him grow up ... and that will be very fast as he has to grow a lot into the huge dog he's going to be!

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Oh wow, Mallory is adorable! What a cutie, I can imagine you Hoomans are constantly taking pictures! I will follow the account of Mallory too, because I can imagine this little cutie will be a big cutie pretty soon :)

Cute puppy.

Very cute photographs and really nice post. I love the littles together look like really good friends.

Danke schön 💗 prima