The MAN REMADE Master List

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The MAN REMADE Master List


I've decided to keep an archive list of all the content and posts I'll share on Steemit. This will be the Master List of of all my content, journals, articles, videos, podcasts and more.

I'll be building the list as I create more content to share with the Steemit community, so feel free to have a browse and drop me a comment if you would like to connect :)


You Need to Stop Being Life’s B*tch19 Feb 2019
Comparing Yourself to Other Men is Killing Your Confidence09 Jan 2019
Debt & the Illusion of Happiness30 Dec 2018
The Irrational Fear of an ‘Average Life.’30 Dec 2018
The New Rules of Life: How To Live (and Love) with Standards.30 Dec 2018

My Journey to FIRE (Financially Independent, Retired Early)

Dec 2018 Update - ManRemade Journal02 Jan 2019

Steemit Journal

Jan 201902, 03
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