My experience in the Cryptocurrency Symposium.

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Referential image taken from the Facebook page of the Association of Accountants of the Anzoátegui State.

Hello my dear friends, I hope you are very well.

Today I want to tell you that I attended the Symposium organized by the Association of Accountants of the Anzoátegui State called: "Cryptocurrencies for Entrepreneurs".

As an introduction to the Symposium the Professor of the Universidad de Oriente and researcher of the Steem José Lanz, I offer a pleasant exposition on the virtues of Steem and Steem Dollars, emphasizing the use of the Steemit community to obtain an extra profit doing something you love . For his part he stressed that there was no better way to work this network than writing about things that you like and always respecting copyright.
The round of questions and answers was undoubtedly very interesting, this because there were many questions about the use of the page, the veracity of payments, the loss of passwords, the steem power, among other circumstances that the teacher kindly clarified.

Following this, Mr. Gustavo Calzadilla, who is an Accounting and Financial Advisor, based his presentation on the introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining. He touched on many key terms and in my opinion he expressed himself in an easy and understandable way so as not to exclude people who do not know much about crypto.
It should be noted that during the exposition of the Licensee there was a great controversy about the use of Bitcoin as a method of payment, since in many countries it is not legal.
The person of the public that caused this controversy is recognized as Professor of the Metropolitan University of Caracas and of the Santa María University of Anzoátegui.
Basically the question of him arose from the legal point of view. It was about how a creditor should act against a debtor who sold all their assets and converted them to a digital currency (this to be without embargoable assets).

The third lecture was from the Director and Founder of Toposoft Innovaciones Tecnológicas C.A, José Ojeda. Who remarkably had a great feeling with him public through his interactive examples on the Blockchain.
He began his presentation explaining basic terms and went deeper into the way in which transactions were made from one wallet to another.
He did a very funny exercise where he asked a person from the audience to stand up and answer a problem. Answering correctly earned a reward. In this way everyone in the audience wanted to participate.
The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate how the block chain works during transactions.
Then they explained the Blockchain ecosystem and talked about the future jobs that they have proposed to fulfill as a company.

I certainly learned many things today, I met amazing people and I had an excellent time.

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