My Visitor From Heaven?

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Every morning at 5 AM a Cardinal wakes me up. She's more brown than red so I think that means she's a female. I am beginning to think she likes me. :-)

But seriously, legend has it that if you see a Cardinal it is a visitor from Heaven.

I told you
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know why

I saw cardinals quite often when my parents passed. Last year, my girlfriend (and best friend of 14 years) passed away, and I have been seeing cardinals ever since. But this one is right outside my bedroom window, staring right at me every morning.


Sometimes my heart skips a beat or I wake up with a start when I hear her call. I cannot remember hearing a bird as loud as this one, and we have crows around here. Crows are loud.

For some reason, I cannot say her name. I have been trying not to write much about it, but I can't help thinking she is still out there somewhere, wishing me all the best, wanting me to be happy and wanting me to be healthy again. We fought our battles together. She's gone and I am still right here.

I have posted about her terrible battle against breast cancer and my fighting 9/11-related illnesses, previously, so I'd rather not repeat all that again in this post.

A True Force of Nature
Many of our friends believed we had a genuine, psychic connection, and we told them true stories of visiting each other in dreams.

Today, she can even visit my friends and I in lucid dreams. Not kidding.

Why do these dreams seem so real? What do you think about the after life?

Do you think our loved ones visit us, and perhaps, guide us or protect us?

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What a lovely post, @magick323. So sorry to learn about your girlfriend, but I admire the way you keep her alive. I've only seen a cardinal once and have never heard one sing, so you've given me two gifts in one with the video.

There's a book by the South African author Andre Brink which has bits you might be able to relate to - Imaginings of Sand. Your story of you feeling connection to your girlfriend through birds reminded me of this book, which I must have read nearly 20 years ago.

Thank you. And I'm glad you watched the video. I was hoping some people might want or need to see it. This cardinal stays for an hour sometimes. It's odd and unusual but we did always promise we would send each other signs if one of us passed before the other.


P.S. I just found Imaginings of Sand at Barnes and Noble. Thanks again!

I hope you enjoy it.

so nice , that bird in the video , sorry for the people you had lost. wish you a good future.

Thanks for watching. Wishing you a good future, too! :-)

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Hey there since you seem to be new, some friendly advice, it is not cool to promote your posts on other Steemit walls. A lot of people will flag and Downvote you. Pro-Tip: leaving an authentic comment about a post you actually read, usually makes the author visit your wall. Good luck! :-)

Thank you for your great advice i'l keep that in mind next time i post something and when i comment someone's post... Have a nice one

You too, my friend!

Este ave se encuentra en la fauna del Estado- Falcon- Venezuela y se llama Cardenal Coreano

Si, muchas gracias

Beautiful birdsong 🎶

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Anyone still listens to INXS?

I do :D

Yay! :D
Childhood memories...