Sunglasses for men

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If we talk about models, then the most fashionable men's glasses are "aviators", having a drop-shaped shape. This model has long been recognized as classical, because it has not been out of fashion for more than seventy years. The elegant shape and thin frame of these glasses perfectly fit into any masculine image: from business to sports. Plus, "aviators" are suitable for any type of person. Most effectively, this model looks with mirror lenses, through, which can not be seen at all.

Also popular are "aviator" glasses, whose lenses have a gradation, that is, darker in one part and lighter in the other. Another classic model of glasses is "vufarer". These stylish men's glasses differ in trapezoid shape and wider, attracting the attention of the frame. "Вайфареры" is a classic from Ray Ban, a sign of bold nature and good taste. "Vufarer" with colored lenses and a contrasting frame can become a very bright element of the image, and will appeal to the taste of non-ordinary personalities.
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