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It has been 2 years already since I joined Steem! What an interesting ride this has been for me, I have probably said this a couple of times already but I joined Steem because it seemed like an attractive and easy way to make money but then I realized it wasn't so easy but I stayed for the wackiness anyways! I had never find meaning in social media until I started using Steem and I gotta say, it motivated me to dwell more in other platforms as well, especially Twitter.

I don't really have much to say other than I'm thankful for what I found here and even though a lot of people came and left for the money, I feel just a little less lonely with those that remained and the constant wave of new users as well, although lately due to lack of time it has become a real challenge for me to find new interesting people to follow.


People usually like to talk about goals and achievements in these sorts of posts so lets do that:

My main goal for 2019 was to finally become a dolphin and enter the fated Steem middle class, I started the year with around 2k Steem and I'm happy to report that as of making this post and thanks to the discounts a couple of weeks ago, I managed to snatch the fated $0.10 Steem and not only become a dolphin but skyrocket myself straight into the 20k Steem club! I'm looking at a 50k goal for next year but the sky is the limit! I'm pretty confident that we will see some positive price movements in the upcoming months as well! I don't know what my end goal is, maybe 200k-250k and then let it grow by itself but only the future will tell!

Another goal that is certainly very achievable is that I want to make 2020 the year I finally do some code related contributions to Steem, I wanted 2019 to be that year but life got in the way and I got another job so it got postponed and postponed until the year was over and I didn't do it, but the future is certainly looking brighter as well for Steem Dev as well so 2020 holds big promise there!

I'd like to thank everyone that has made my stay here more enjoyable and wish you guys a happy new year as well! (I don't know could be the last post of the year as well but the future holds infinite possibilities after all)

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Gratz on two years!

Vaya, pues... Yo también cumplí 2 felices años en esta red, y me siento muy feliz de haber ingresado. La constancia y el esfuerzo por pasmar calidad en cada post deben ir in crescendo cada día, sin tener punto de meta o de final.

know is an old post but thank you for checking out my blog and giving me some support, thanks :)

I may not always comment because I'm more of a lurker type but I like to support your stuff :-D

I seriously appreciate it, I mean it , clearly am not doing for money but it doesn't hurt to at least make something cause writing and inventing little worlds in communities is kinda my bag. Lurk away, I lurk too just louder lol

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