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Depending on who you ask, writing books is either easy (simple: Just leave out the wrong words) or hard (have a really good grasp of the language you're writing in, construct a good and compelling storyline; write and revise for many hours; Research!).

Writing can be both. It can be rewarding at times, or really fun. When you finally get to that scene you had in your head for a long while, the scene that completes what you've hinted on for a long time ... or when certain other things just fall into place without having really thought about it ... at other times it's just tedious. There are things that need to be written so others understand the world you're writing in (no, they don't know the world that is only in your head, you need to explain it to them - but you need to explain it in a way that it doesn't sound like in info-dump. The Information needs to be put there subtle. The reader needs to be part of the world, not an outsider that needs to get everything explained - they need to be a part, and get enough information to figure those things out).

And then there is another problem about being an unknown author. You are unknown. No one is going to want to read your stuff. They don't know you. Reading takes a lot of time. And even if it's free out there: As long as it takes time to read and the first few lines aren't exciting enough - it's not going to be read.

Currently I wonder whether I should continue posting chapters on steemit - most of my followers look like they are just bots (bots that follow and de-follow me on a regular basis because I don't post daily - and I can't post daily. I have a life outside of steem.)

Well, I did complete posting the one novel (that is still full of flaws, especially grammar-wise). Should I post another? Maybe the few that have left their thumbs-up on the chapters can enlighten me.

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I would suggest that you join a place like The Writers' Block on discord and get some feedback on your writing from other writers. Some really nice folks there.

And then visit Pimp Your Post Thursday on the Steemit Ramble discord to meet even more nice folks on Thursdays and present your post for them to see it. Networking, community building. Makes a difference