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Have you ever been in love?

I don't mean the hormonal fancies we experience throughout puberty. I mean the real golden thread of love that binds to souls together. That thread that binds them so strongly that should one person leave this world there is a chance that their partner is pulled right along with them.
Broken Heart Syndrome.

A broken heart leaves anyone in a suicidal mood, and even if ones principles and beliefs are strong enough, one still hopes to succumb to sudden heart failure or an accident. Just to be reunited with the one you love.

Time heals a lot of wounds, even a wound as deep as this, but there will be scars left. One of them is being more aware of death.

This doesn't mean we're suddenly able to see death itself, or ghosts, or spirits. But you certainly notice a lot more often when people you know died. In the beginning you might even find it unfair that they're allowed to leave while you're still stuck in this world.

In time it changes to a mild curiosity. Were you this blind before? Or why have so many people you know died all of a sudden?

The scientific mind knows that it could only be chance paired with being unaware of death. And why should you be? It doesn't concerns you until it stands at your doorstep.

The spiritual mind ... there is doubt that all one can see or measure is all there is to this world. It searches for patterns in what could just be chance ...

I am writing this because I have stumbled upon some strange coincidence. Having heard that our mood can be affected by the weather, it should come at no surprise that our sleep, and how we feel throughout the day, can be affected by the same principle.

Still when you meet at least four people that feel as busted as you do, with no real clue as to why, you start to wonder ...

Could it be that our lives are linked in some way, and that these connections may keep us alive? That I'm still pulled toward my love, and that only this net of people I know is keeping me from joining him on the other side?

At least I feel as if I am still needed here. Who knows what will happen should that feeling fade one day.

Regardless of whether you believe in anything spiritual or not. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Tell the people you cherish that you don't take them or what they do for you for granted. It's easy to just get accustomed to them. To not notice what they mean to you, and onky become painfully aware of it when they're suddenly gone.

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