Oh brrrr..I got goose bumps just looking at bare feet in the! Cool/Cold story and terrific pics!!

I'm happy you enjoy it despite the cold @deerjay ! I wonder now if you are parent with @tattoodjay that has quite the same last name ...;-)

LOL...we could be such the talk of gossip! = )

hehe ! but you didn't answer me, and now I am devoured by curiosity ! =))

BTW thank you very much for the resteem, Barbara helped me thankyouing with some uplove, as I aven't any for the moment ;-)

Understandable and thank you so much! The other question I will answer by saying I could only wish! ;)
PS..I'll be sending you a little gift as well! = )

Great to see Luigi has his own account :)

Indeed ...I'm free !! I'm looking forward to have some SP to upvote more than 0.000 , and my human did lease some, but we are waiting for them ;-)
Did you greatly begin this new year Signore..? And how is the cute Bahbahra doing ? =))

Bahbahra is doing well and is glad to see you on here

I have one exactly like yours! How cute! I hope it didn't get a cold! Cheers!

One Pinocchio you mean ? I meet him at the lake Como, in a lovely shop he was with a lot of brothers ;-)
It's a story I will post one day =))
Thank you much for your visit Lady Isabel, the oldy gnome I am does appreciate it ;-)

Thanks, my friend! Yes, I was talking about Pinocchio, I bought it in Venice for my son and it still has it today!

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you came to my post because I absolutely love this post! Its the cutest post ever! I'm following you for sure I like the way you tell your story, stay warm! Brrrr enjoyed all your pictures!😊

By my beard Miss Ceci, it's a pleasure and an honour to have you here =))
I'm so happy that you enjoyed the stories of an old gnome like me ;-)
Have a delightful evening sweet lady !

Excellent post my dear friend Luigi! But I hope you didn’t catch a cold! Brrr

Lady M, it's my pleasure !
Don't worry I don't fear cold and there never was a case of illness in my family...never ! ;-)

Well I am really happy to hear that my sweet LUIGI!

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Looks like exciting adventure Luigi and I see you have a friend Pinocchio, which is nice to know. Tell him I say hi 😊

Hi back delightful Lady L ! =))

Haha... Also Pinocchio doing the challenge :-) great!

Indeed, he is a little bored now that I am blogging..I have to take him with me cause i don't want to have a depressed Pinocchio =))


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Barbara is SO brave! I will not be putting my toes in the snow!

Haha ! She did it in the overcautious way =))Just the time of the photo and pffft, she fled into her socks =D
But indeed, I suppose we can say she had a kind of braveness...;-)

🤣🤣 Too cold for my feet!!

Awww, what fun, getting your feet in the snow with your human and her toesies!! :D Your poor friend Pinocchio in his shorts... lol