Silly Saturdays. When history comes a knocking....oh and comedy open mic #21

in #blog2 years ago

History has a habit of coming to say hi...

I nominate @profanereviews @anouk.nox because they are judges, and so sucking up to them might help.. I dunno..


Socialism...the universal disease of the dull and the indolent.

whats up with that stupid text in video crap ? how old are you red-coat ?

...let me compare it with yours.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's the thing though -you don't produce anything.
Why would you? - you someone else can do the work, eh? lol
(just like any good socialist will think).

You don't write a single thing thing, mate - just remark on other peoples labors..

my job is to keep an eye on you


I can't believe red-coat savages managed to reach semifinals

You guys are adorable! lol

You don't need this app for politicians, it's easy to tell when they're lying.
Their lips are moving.

..So true..

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