My first ever GIF made from scratch......ok, it's not brilliant - but it's a start!

in blog •  5 months ago 

ppp - jp.jpg

But I'm not sure why it doesn't paste directly into my post...

Can anyone tell me what I need to do for it to post directly? - rather than direct to another page? Cheers!

for context - the gif in in response to @whatsup getting attacked, for asking logical questions as far as I can see...

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comments are messed up.

Sometimes they don't automatically detect images.

So, you need to turn them into complete HTML.

you take that link to the image, and then put < img=" in front,
and then "> after it. like this:
<img src="">


Cheers for that matey!
I'll ask you again on my next one, when that won't work

(I'll get their eventually, honest)

Dude I was expecting PORN :)


lol...My comedy porn is still a work in progress....


Lol that's why I'm here too ;)


....there's some dancing girls in this one... for a few

That’s really weird about the gif?? I clicked on the link and it’s fine, I tried copying and pasting it, too, but it doesn’t work. I’ve never seen a link do that before, hopefully it’s just a fluke.

Eh, cool gif @lucylin, happy holidays.


I think cool is pushing it a bit, but....ty.

happy Christmas!

Ursula Andress Dr No 1962.gif

Hmm, interesting. I just downloaded it to my tablet and uploaded it to steemit and it seems to be working that way.