It's harder than you think....

in blog •  5 months ago


I have just spent several hours writing up my 'Battle of Denmarkguys barn', and I must say, it relayed exactly what happened in the battle.
It was excellent.
And then I deleted it.

( I still have the photo's).

Why? Because it was crap.... even though it wasn't actually crap at all...

From a war gamers/military perspective, it did exactly as promised - but from a non war gamer's point of view (which is the context of how I tried to read it back to myself ),.... it was dryer than the Saharan desert - after a particularly long period of time without any rain...

My purpose on this planet (well, in steemit wargaming posts), is to convey the beauty of the game , and the far reaching educational possibilities inherent in the hobby - but most importantly - before any of these - the fun and enjoyment to be had from playing war games.

And I failed. Miserably.

So, back to the drawing board..
It's not totally wasted, I suppose - I did learn how not to write a battle narrative....

So enjoy a couple of 'full on action shots', and I'll get back to you...


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