It's fun looking for god... unless you're a marxist...

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I've written a couple of posts over this last few days, questioning Darwinism and the motivations for 'the establishment' positively promoting this theory.

Distrust of any 'official narrative' seems, to me, like a very 'common sense' approach to take, and history more than proves me correct to take that position.
So why is this any different?

The big difference to this particular narrative (if it is intentional misdirection), is the implications of the deceit.
The sheer enormity of the deceit.
This could be is 'the big one'.
It makes the gulf of Tonkin, JfK, and 9/11 - combined - seem like nothing compared to this - IF this is a cover up..


The only cover up it could be , would be of a theological or extra terrestrial nature - (which counts as pretty much as in the same ball park, to me).

I can happily watch David Icke's theories and his view on history quite logically, and put pieces (from various sources) together in a picture, and while it is not clear exactly , it does form something.
I have also had the pleasure of knowing someone who wrote a book about the pyramids of Giza, from a non egyptologist's perspective, but from a mathematical one - and it raises many questions that cannot be answered with today's science.
(I.e. discounting extra terrestrial life).
I know from him - with regards to Egyptology - that there is most definitely a cover up of some sort in regards to suppressed information concerning ancient Egypt.
...I was interested in these things long before the luxury of internet instant access, and these 'conspiracy theories' have been around for a long, long time..

My post yesterday, here seemed to have come across as negative...which wasn't my intention - nor my feeling when writing it.

This has been a thought provoking few days, and some interesting 'conclusions' have formulated from these thoughts...(conclusions? no...pieces of puzzles...)

If you don't believe in God, have you ever tried pretending that you do?

I tried this mental exercise when I went for a walk to the shop this morning...

A very interesting exercise, and not too difficult...

As I said before, I was am very much a product of Darwin's philosophies that were preached at me religiously in school. (Irony, anyone?)

But my little walk this morning was quite a...erm...inspirational , lightning bolt, flash, ... realization.
I'll go with realization - but it's far too dramatic a word.
Gentle realization, maybe..

I walked along and imagined believing in a god. Knowing there was a god.
I wasn't being too specific in my imaginings - more like just some bigger conscious entity than myself. A benevolent one. (he/she/it, never had robes or a beard or anything..)

But here's the thing...
I felt very peaceful while I was walking, and looking around (with 'big G' in my conciouness) and the gentle realization dawned on me.
Having some deity looking over you, makes you feel small .
Ego disappears.
Not only that, but what I can only describe as a 'sense of relief' (again, not the right word, but close to).
An 'exhale', perhaps...?

And me (being me), continued pondering this god bloke..

IF you are in a happier state of being , because of this 'belief mindset', it then becomes illogical not to believe in something bigger..

(right or wrong is irrelevant - if contentment is the aim).

... and then I got to thinking about politics and marxism, and how many things 'fit' together.
I never really looked at it in this way, not before now.
From a theological perspective.

Who hates being looked at?
Those that deceive others.
The liars and the manipulators love the shadows, and they hate transparency.
They hate the truth.

Who would hate to have an omnipotent authority forever over and above them, at all times ?
Those that deceive others.
Those that would hate to be held to account for their actions. To be judged.
The egocentric sociopath.
(The sociopath can only look at any authority as being oppressive and controlling - just like they themselves would operate if they were ruling over others.
This more than validates the argument of there being an 'evil' ruling at the moment. Banks are communism without the flags, never forget..

It kinda sums up the manipulative, egocentric, power hungry marxist, doesn't it?

No wonder they hate the idea of a god...

Atheism, in the broadest sense, is the absence of belief in the existence of deities.
Less broadly, atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist.

I am not saying if you are atheist you are marxist, not in the slightest.
(I have no idea where I fit, but I'm definitely not marxist.. )

But statistically speaking - the dominance of aitheism, within the left/liberal political spectrum cannot be denied...

Which brings me all the way back to an establishment narrative of evolution, and the suppression of 'other knowledge' that does exist...

IF there is a 'good v evil' battle going on in the world...then evolution becoming a cultural 'fact', could lead to the lack of faith in a benevolent god.
Could lead to a lack of faith in something being bigger than the state...
...Marxism, anyone?

IF the evolution narrative is a construct by 'the powers that be', then it is only logical to assume that they have a reason for doing so.
I can think of no other reason for them doing so, other than the existence of a benevolent being, or information regarding extra terrestrial life communicating with this planet.
(both are still pretty much the same to me).

The whole political paradigm of left v right, communist v capitalist may be nothing more- fundamentally -, than Deceitful liars (evil) v's the Open and truthful...(Holy?).



Living according to a strict or highly moral religious or spiritual system.

The opposite of marxist communism...

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This is very similiar to my last decade in existence as well. I think Nihilism also is a disorder of Atheism as well, from which I suffered immensly. Now I have to admit, I know who I choose to be my neighbors. This is the comment that started my self reflection, omitting of my own theological stance. That was literally my "red pill" moment.


....I think Nihilism also is a disorder of Atheism as well,

I'd like to discuss it but I just can't see the point...
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂



Just knowing that you are loved unconditionally is a great boon to living our lives. Just that is worth believing.

Because darwinism and marxism was preached religiously in our schools, most people find it difficult to discard these ideas.

So, you end up with two camps. Christians and Darwinists. And both try to go in the opposite direction, because the other side is wrong. However, the truth is no where on that line. You could say that they are all wrong.

Contemporary christians take for real things that are allegory, and take for allegory things that are real. (in the bible) They really get things all mixed up because they do not have any religious foundations or understanding.

And the darwinist buy the line that humans are so smart. That we are the pinnacle of evolution. That it has been one long line from coming down from the trees to modern skyscrapers. They never realize just how full of holes the theories associated with Darwin are, because they were never taught any scientific foundations or understanding.

We end up with two group, both arguing lies.
And both discarding reality.

However, if you study religions, you get a much better idea of what the old texts where saying.

And, if you study spirituality you get to a place where you KNOW God is real.

daddy issues.


you do?...step into my office...
😂 😂

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